Tuesday, February 26, 2013

what blog?

All i want is to write something creative and get my words/thoughts/feelings/LIFE out but everything is crazy and busy and scary and GREAT and spring break is in less than two weeks WHAT?

It's 12:30am and I'm settling in to write paper #1 of the semester. Paper #1 since... May of last year. Since we weren't required to write anything academic in Russia, I am so out of practice. But this time, trepidation and procrastination are NOT the reasons I am writing feverishly on the eve of the due date.

This is show week! And I was in tech all damn weekend. I can actually say with complete confidence and little guilt that I had no large chunk of time this past week in which to write this paper.

(But i'm sort of excited about it. It's for my favorite class -- my religion class -- and I have endless things to say. I can't promise all [or any] of them will be incredibly intelligent or original, but they are things. I have ideas. thankgod).

Back to show week.

I can't wait to present this play to our community. The House of The Spirits. It's fantastically beautiful — both the script and the production. It's a shame we only had 5 weeks to produce it, though. (our read through was just a month ago!) You can never be 'finished' with a show. There is always more to work on. And though I feel we are in an incredible place, I know we could go so much further with a few extra weeks.

But here we are. And I love where we've ended up. I hope to write more about what I've experienced with this play in the past month; I've really felt my growth, time and time again. I've sunk my teeth into this one, and it's a damn good feeling.

but oh shit it's almost 1am and I have to write 5 pages by morning.

time for the twix bar the vending machine so generously provided me with.

it's raining and i'm happy.

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