I'm Sarah. A 20-year-old college student who is no longer sure how she feels about birthdays.

I'm learning to be more consistent in everything I do, to motivate myself instead of waiting for motivation to strike, and to be inspired by both the simple and the extravagant.

I enjoy loose tea, afternoon naps, all kinds of books, and fancy baked goods. I care a lot about my health but also care a lot about eating good food. Related to that, I've been a vegetarian since November 29, 2011. My passion is theater and musicals make me happy in a way that parallels nothing else. I have many guilty pleasures in the form of music, YouTube channels, and TV shows. I make it a point to use the Oxford comma. I like to write but sometimes find myself avoiding it. I'm attempting to face the music a little more often.

I'm learning to take risks and am constantly discovering more about myself.

I've staked out multiple corners of the internet here, here, and here, in addition to the blog you are already reading. I hide very few things.

This page will probably evolve, as I myself am always doing.

Email me here:

Always feel free to say hi.

Oh oh oh P.S. ...the picture above (and my header picture!) were done by the fab Cortnie Dee! Go check out her stuff.

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