Saturday, July 30, 2011


Some lovely things have happened this week.

On Tuesday, I spent time with Kelly. We made Margarita cupcakes, (want arecipe?) , which were so fun and yummy. (ours had pretzels on top for the salt!) After those were baked and frosted, we headed over to visit Kelly's niece! She is an adorable 5 month-old baby named Natalie. Babies just make me so bubbly and genuinely happy. The best natural mood booster. After about an hour there, we went to meet Danae to play Yahtzee (i lost marvelously), eat chips, buy cheap-o pool rafts, and meet her dad for dinner at Via Moto. I had fusilli arrabbiata, which was spicy and delightful! I will never deny my love of pasta. I would love some now...SO HUNGRY.. Ended the day at Danae's house, where I caught up on Pretty Little Liars, my new obsession.

Wednesday was pool day! Nae and I jetted to Albertson's to get some fresh veggies and hummus...made some guac and popped open the junk food we purchased the day before. (Hot indulgence) Aubrey and Kelly came over, and we hit the pool! I don't think I had been swimming in over a year, which is incredibly depressing. We had such a fun day... jumping, swimming, tanning, eating, reading (for me and baub anyway). Daphne's for dinner, and then home!

Thursday I worked, boring! I also finally finished The Sirens of Titan, which was quite good. I believe the end made the slow parts worth it.

Yesterday I finally got some new sunglasses. After about an hour, I decided on the Fiona model from Spy.


Friday was also my sister's opening night for Hairspray! I was so impressed and could not wipe the smile off of my face the whole time. My sister was wonderful, of course, and I was in such a lovely mood at the end of the show. Standing ovation, no doubt.

Today, today. I woke up at 7:30, to get picked up at 9 by Cortnie Dee for a photo shoot! First stop was Jasmine's, who, come to find out, has THE most incredible closet in the world. An abundance of every type of clothing you could want, dozens of pairs of shoes, walls of belts and scarves, shelves of jeans.... You name it, she has it. (except pantyhose!) She put together 5 funky outfits, and we were off to Jamul! Spent 3 glorious hours shooting, and had the best time with those girls. Totally worth the hot, dirty trek into the wilderness, and every precarious pose I had to get into. So. Much. Fun. One of the best days of summer, hands down. Cannot wait to see the pics, but here's a behind-the-scenes shot I love:

We shot up until 3, then hiked back to the car and zoomed home. I opened the door at 3:53, changed into a dress and grabbed my apron. Mom got me to work right at the stroke of 4. Genius. Worked until 7, stopped at Vons after to get a magazine and a coke, then walked my tired butt home to shower! Looong day, but SO worth it.

I feel so good and content.
I will sleep well tonight :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

May 26, 2007

I wrote this towards the end of my freshman year of high school, 14 years old. I found it today in the 'blogs' section of myspace. (which i was only on to look for an old photo, I SWEAR)... I figured it would last longer here.

Last Tuesday I went to my first funeral.
For my Grandpa.

Jewish military funerals are truly awe inspiring.
Seeing my Grandpa was in the military and went to West Point, he was buried there, with all the military honors one could have.
And the Jewish traditions made it all that much more special.

The whole process seemed just out of the movie.
Spring time, sunny, everything so so green, people that are solemn, but happy and content, a slight breeze, leaves falling off of the trees, sobs being heard throughout.
Perfectly surreal experience. Perfectly surreal.

Watching my grandmother was the hardest part.
When the hearse pulled up, when the coffin was about to be lowered (though the funeral ended before that happened, thank goodness), watching her receive the american flag that draped the coffin. Those were the times when she was crying so much that it deeply affected everyone else.

Everyone else. There was so much everyone else. I did not realize how much my Grandpa was loved, how many people he touched throughout his life. Looking back on it, one couldn't expect less, really. My Grandpa had a passion for life, for helping others, for our country, for his family. The realization of all of this was when I knew how much we had lost.

I was scared to go to a funeral, to see my family and extended family in such somber moods; not the family reunion one hopes for. But to be honest, it was one of the most indescribable and incredible experiences that I've had. The unity of everyone, the remembrance of the good times, the feeling of peace and calm, respect, acceptance. Love.

The one thing that touched me the most, I believe, was the tear. Six military men carried the coffin over to the gravesite, set it down on something that allowed it to be above the grave, and stood at attention. Three of these men were facing me. About halfway through the short service, the Rabbi was talking about his memories of my Grandpa, and how much of an impression he's made on the world. I looked up, and I focused on one of the men. His face was emotionless but for a tear, just one, sliding down his cheek. I will never forget this.

The human compassion shown that day.

i was in awe.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Memories Of: Kelly

I think this will be my first in a mini blog series, describing my favorite memories of my very best friends. Since journaling was something I could never stick to in high school, I feel the need to jot down these treasured moments when they spring to mind, before they disappear entirely.


Whenever I hear the song "It's America," by Rodney Atkins, I think of Kelly. Then I text her. She does the same.

"IT'S AMERICA!! :D" we bang out as quickly as we can.

The first time I heard this song was at Kelly's house. We sat in her living room and watched the music video, and were immediately hooked. This was years ago, when I was just falling in love with country music, thanks to Kel. From then on, we always turned it up when it came on the radio and sang along (loudly) with Mr. Atkins. It just kind of became our song, very naturally. We carried on the texting tradition into college, and my heart always warms whenever I receive that text or hear the song myself. There really is nothing like the fond, unique memories of high school. I don't want to go back—my life since Vassar is the best it's ever been—but some days, I would give anything to be back in Kelly's car, driving from school to her house, blasting that song on the radio. It's so clear in my mind.

My favorite thing about that song is that it's the portal to so many other memories with Kel, reaching all the way back to the first day of freshman year, 7th period P.E. "It's America" really unlocks some of my greatest moments with my very first high school friend, and they make me so warm and happy inside. Those memories can unfold in another post, as there are so many. But the pinnacle really is that Rodney Atkins song. And I will never stop listening to it.

Another Week Flies By

Any semblance of productivity I achieve is instantly ruined when I click the Facebook button on my Bookmarks bar. But still, I woke up before my alarm went off and immediately got in the shower. I made eggs and cereal and caught up on some YouTube subscriptions. I was planning on starting a blog post right after I ate but then I went on Facebook. Of course. Anyways. It's been another (busy!) week since I've posted, soo time for another week in review.

Awkwardly, I don't remember anything about Monday. Except that I worked for 4 hours. Oh, and I think this was the day I dipped my quesadilla in Peach balsamic. Not kidding. And it was delicious.

On Tuesday, Kelly, Aubrey and Danae came over for my belated birthday celebration. Kelly was here first...we went to the grocery store to buy food for our beach picnic! We made a salad with strawberries and mandarin oranges (blood orange olive oil & peach balsamic as dressing, of course). We also made a fruit salad, onto which I drizzled more peach balsamic. Seriously, I use it for everything. I talked to Kel outside for a bit, and when Danae and Aubrey arrived, we made our respective wraps and set off for the beach! Our beach picnic was so fun; I would do that every day if I could. Here's what it looked like:

Honestly, best thing to do with your friends. So fun and low-key...and delicious, too. Although the seagulls WILL attack if you're not careful.
Once back at my house, we ate the cake Kel made for me (so cute!) and just relaxed. I fell into a deep sleep for around 20 minutes, which prompted my friends to snap a picture of me and post it as my phone's background. Gotta love them. Nae and Aubs left, and Kelly came with my family to Yummy Sushi. She left around 11, and I THOUGHT I was going to just fall asleep, but I showered at midnight and didn't end up sleeping until after one. Again. Of course.

Wednesday, I worked 12-4, but got off early since it was so incredibly slow. Dan came around 4:30... we watched the Padres game and then ventured out to Santee to hang with Kel and Nae at the yogurt shop. We ate Cazadores and frozen yogurt, and my lovely boyfriend was such a team player. ;) Not sure what we did when we got back... nothing too exciting, obviously.

On Thursday, I was SO tired for some reason... I could not get myself off the couch. Around 2, Dan and I went to the beach... Kind of a repeat of Tuesday—it really was that good! We ate, relaxed, read, just enjoyed each other's company. We showered when we got back, then spent some time talking about my classes at Vassar, and Dan (in his infinite web knowledge) signed me up for Amazon Student, so I can get free shipping on all my books. Where would I be without him? We had pizza for dinner in the evening, and I fell asleep on him during Seinfeld, because he just makes me calm and it's that easy to drift off when he's holding me.

Friday, We all went to my sister's production of Zanna, Don't that the musical theater camp kids put on in 8 days. Was very impressed. Dan met my grandparents, so we got that out of the way. The fam, Dan, Danae and I all had lunch at Which Wich... that was my first time there and it was so good and clever. I heard they're opening one in Coronado... crossing my fingers! We watched the Pads game at home, then Danae left and Dan and I walked around town and went to dinner at Cafe 1134. We had a bit of a serious talk, but we worked everything out, and that felt really good. Again, I fell asleep on him. It's just too easy.

Yesterday, Dan left after he dropped me off at work. Though it's always too soon, I liked him spending 3 nights here. A little more satisfying. Work was ridiculously busy, so it went by quite quickly, which was nice. We also got 5 new balsamics. Espresso? SO yummy. After work, I seriously spent 4 hours reading blogs. But time you enjoy wasting is not wasted, so say John Lennon and Bertrand Russell.

That's all for the week. Time for work, and hopefully a more thought-provoking post later in the afternoon.... if that pesky Facebook button doesn't distract me.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Book Worm

I've been on for the past twenty minutes... They have a ton of bargain books from $1.99 and I want to buy some, but I feel like I can't purchase books with confidence without thumbing through them myself. Though I could just take a chance, seeing as they're so cheap!

I wish I was reading more. I'm kind of ashamed that I'm only on my 3rd book of the summer. I've been working and spending time with actual humans and reading a ton of blogs, but I still feel like I should have made more literary headway! The books I am reading have been quality, though. I'm almost halfway through The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. Definitely a departure from my usual interests, but it's the boyfriend's favorite book, so I decided it would be worth reading. I like it! It's a bit more difficult to get into, simply because the genre isn't my typical cup of tea. I've really enjoyed stepping out of my norm, though. And it's all about the meaning of life, which is so very complex and intriguing. One thing I learned from my parents: Expand your horizons. It really does pay off.

I have a list of books I still want to read this summer, and there are definitely more than 3, so I better start speeding through if I'm gonna have any chance. Once I get back to school, I'll be too busy with 'Nineteenth Century British Novels.' ...Yikes.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

People Who Need People

You know your mom is home when you have homemade pesto for dinner. Last night I waited up for her, semi-anxious about her drive-through-the-night stint. I called her at 5am, when she told me she was two hours away. I guess that was enough comfort for me to pass out for two and a half hours...woken up at 7:45 by the boys' conversation. Mom arrived about ten minutes after that. Ah, a sigh of relief. She soon hit the hay as well, seeing as she'd been on the road for 24 hours.

I worked a four shift today, which was surprisingly easy considering my lack of rest. I love talking to people and witnessing their experiences in the store. Everyone is always so amazed. I'm also a huge fan of suggesting my favorites to try (currently: peach balsamic) and watching the customer's face upturn in a surprised smile as they grab a bottle right on the spot. It's so funny how you sell the most of whatever your favorite is. I think it's quite psychological... the customer sees and feels your enthusiasm and so maybe is predisposed to liking your suggestion. There's also the theory that maybe the product is just that good. Which, let's face it, it is. Peach balsamic is my holy grail, kryptonite, new love, all of that. I will drink it. As a matter of fact, I put it in both my sparkling and flat water. (Eyes widen at this tidbit)
But besides the selling, it's really entertaining to just learn about and experience humans. This sounds somewhat pretentious and weird, but I'm meeting people I would (probably) never meet otherwise, and they're so damn interesting. Yesterday, a woman came in with her daughter and niece (14 and 21, respectively). They were so intrigued by our products (this woman bought everything she tried) and just generally really sweet. At one point in the conversation she asks "How old are you?" and then looks to her niece and comments on how cute I am. She then proceeds to inquire about my relationship status. Disappointed to hear I had a boyfriend, she went on to explain that their family had just moved from Arizona and their son—also my age—needed to meet people on the island. I was thoroughly entertained by this exchange, though felt somewhat awkward at her compliments and attempts to set me up with her son. The best part, however, came 5 minutes after she left the store. She returned, husband and son in tow, to introduce me. When I went to shake Nelson's hand, he hugged me! This guy I had never met, never heard of (until 10 minutes before) was hugging me. It was strange and hilarious and so cool. I think it is so interesting how our paths cross sometimes, and how unabashedly kind some people are. It's wonderful and puts me in a great mood. Even better, Nelson's mom informed him I already had a boyfriend, to which he replied "That's ok, doesn't mean we can't be friends!" These are the moments in which I adore mankind. I walked around with a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Ya know, I should have told them just how much they made my day.

Relating to the beginning of this post, I really am having a hard time falling asleep lately, even when my mom isn't on a deserted highway at 3am. It's not healthy, and I know that. But there's this weird anxiety I get and I'm not sure where it comes from, or what to do about it. I think I might be a bit more paranoid, living under someone and next to a ton of someones. It seems counterintuitive, as most people are so much more comfortable on a suburb street than they are in a semi-isolated house, but I grew to know every sound my house made in Jamul. And here, I have no idea where any of the sounds are coming from. I think I'm growing more comfortable, but I'm not there yet.
The good thing that comes out of my mild insomnia is my sudden inspiration to do creative things. Last night, I edited together a bunch of clips from Wild Party in which Matt Ortile steals the spotlight. I used transitions and title pages, calling it 'Matt's Wild Party Highlights.' After I was done editing, I uploaded to YouTube straight from iMovie. I had NO idea I could do that, nor had I ever edited or uploaded any video, so this was exciting for me! Once on YT, I posted the link on Matt's wall, and he loved it. I made his night—or at least his 5am—and that made me so, so happy. There might be more of that thing in the future. Unexpected surprises are fun!

I'm tired now, which is a good sign. I think I will attempt to fall asleep, no distractions. Crossing my fingers!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week in Review

Ah, back to blogging. I've been out of town the past few days without a computer of my own, which (partially) explains my absence. The other 3 days... I just didn't feel like writing. Which I think is ok, sometimes. But mostly I'm lazy which really needs to stop before August 27. Seriously. If there's one thing I WILL accomplish my sophomore year, it's improving my work ethic. For the love of all things holy.

Recap of the last week...

Friday, July 8. Hold on, let me check my Twitter. Sad, I know. Well, I went to work for another four hours. That was good. Oh! Before that, I cleaned out my closet (which, in reality, is 1/3 of my sister's closet and not much bigger than my closet at Vassar. Sigh). I had been really lazy with it, which stemmed from my frustration at its size. The point, however, is that I made the delicious discovery of Accuradio's broadway section. There are about 20 broadway related 'stations' with virtually NO commercials and few repeats (ahem, pandora). You can listen to Tony winners 1949-76, musicals just from 2010, a certain many options, it's perfect. And since I'm trying to be a bit more of a buff in the way of musicals, this was a gold mine find for me. So therein lies Sarah's new obsession.

Saturday was another workday for me. ALSO figured out how to lace braid my hair, finally. After work, I deposited 2 checks, got Mojito gelato (incredible) and then Danae came over to take me to Horton Plaza! Our mission was to find her some black heels... found them in the very first store we looked in (Nine West) for 60% off, which was fantastic. We then went into Zales and told the sales guy we were looking for engagement rings...I think that's my new favorite pastime. I tried on a beautiful solitaire diamond, then sent a picture to Dan ;) Our final stop was Nordstrom, and I ended up buying a fuchsia crop top that I decided against a few days before when I was there with Megan. It was just too cute. I'm learning how to spend money and not feel guilty, now that I'm making it myself and the main thing I wanted to do with it was buy clothes. So I'm doing that.
On a whim, Nae and I decided to go see Shrek the Musical, since it was playing at the Civic. I wore my new suede ruffle heels (any excuse to wear heels is taken advantage of). We got some $20 seats in the top balcony, which were surprisingly pleasant seats, at least with our binoculars! The show was really funny and well done, and it was great to see live the songs I'd been listening to since early spring. Post show, we were hungry and it was late, so we hit up In-N-Out (for the first time since I've been home!) We both ordered protein style with grilled onions, and split fries and a chocolate milkshake. We ate in the car and it was so much fun to just be out late and talk with my best friend. It brought me back to high school, before we both started establishing separate lives. Whenever we spend quality time together, I know with so much certainty that she is going to be in my life forever.

Sunday! Worked again...watched TV....had a nice little chicken dinner and then made crepes at 10pm. They are so easy to make and I had an intense craving. Ate 2 with nutella while watching The Marriage Ref...which I've realized is worth watching when the judges are good. I love Kathy Griffin (note to self: get seasons of her show at library!), and Ellen Pompeo is just a goddess. Also, she was wearing these incredible high-waisted rust colored pants that I just WISH I could pull off and wear on a regular basis.

I don't own this one!

Monday, I had the fastest work shift ever, filling mini bottles of oil/vinegar for a bridal shower... also decided with my boss that lemon olive oil & pomegranate balsamic should be our special next month. YUM! After work I gathered my stuff and headed to the train station. Took the 4:00 Surfliner to LA... listened to lots of Adele and read The Help on the way. Le boyfriend picked me up and we drove back to his apartment, stopping at Norm's for dinner. Dan is taking USANA essentials now, which is awesome, and he packed them in a little baggy for dinner. So responsible! That night, we watched (most of) The Social Network before I started to fall asleep. Ha.

On Tuesday, Dan and I decided we should make a cake, since his recent purchase of a Birthday Cake scented candle spurred a craving. Went to Ralph's, bought the essentials and I went to work. While it baked, we ate tuna sandwiches. In preparing the frosting a little later, I realized I needed a sifter, which Dan did not own. Improvising just wouldn't cut it in this situation, so off we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a 3-pack of sifters in assorted sizes. Crisis averted. After I finished making the cake, we watched the All Star Game and Dan made tofu stir fry for dinner...surprisingly delicious. Later on we had cake and finished Social Network.

Wednesday we just hung around and spent a lot of time cuddling. The time we spend together is never enough, of course, so I like to just be close to him as much as possible. He drove me to the train station for another 4pm train and then I was on my way. Since I had finished The Help, Dan gave me a new book to read on the train.. The Sirens of Titan, by Kurt Vonnegut. I like it so far; I'm about 1/3 of the way through. Spent some time talking to an interesting woman on the train. She sells wine for a living, while her husband sells beer. Quite the pair, I'd say. She asked me about college and things of the like, and told me how great it was to explore other cultures and people. She wished me luck when she got off the train, saying I should thank 'the lady on the train' in my acceptance speech when I get famous. I just might.
I had to go to an ACN meeting with my dad when he picked me was strange, being at an opportunity meeting for another network marketing company. I'd only ever been to USANA meetings, and this one just felt... unprofessional, a little sleazy, even. I get that they're helping people by saving them money on 'essential services,' but it's really all about money. That's what the meeting was centered on, too. They kind of made a jab at companies selling 'vitamins, lotions & potions, etc.' but with USANA, the main focus is helping others. Helping others and ourselves get healthy, and then, if they're interested, helping them achieve financial freedom. When I suggested to Dan that he take the vitamins, it had absolutely nothing to do with the points it would generate in my business. I just wanted to introduce him to something that would help him, make him feel his best. Anyway, I'm not here to criticize a company... I'm just grateful for the opportunities I myself have. After the meeting, my dad did what he was there to do. Which was to give a RESET kit to an ACN lady that he had met. Hopefully, our 3 hours at the Mission Valley Hilton paid off.

Today is Thursday, and I have yet to have any dairy products. Trying to lay off a little, for my health and my skin. Even though the brie cheese in the fridge is HARD to resist.
Also, my nails are really long and I love them but it is kind of difficult to type...they may have a meeting with the clippers later today.

Alright, this novel is over. Time for lunch and the first section of the BDS: eApprentice for USANA. Productivity, yay!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Posts in Three Days!

It deserved a title. I'm proud of myself. I think I might be getting into a rhythm here...we'll see.

This post will be random.

I made dinner again tonight! Chocolate pasta with vanilla and raspberry sauce... I liked it, but the siblings weren't extremely enthused. I guess it was a little strange. My dad, however, did enjoy the unique quality of my meal. I can always count on him for a compliment! I like making meals, experimenting with flavors and seeing what I can do. It's a little glimpse into the future, cooking for my family. Also a bit scary, knowing I'll have that responsibility at some point. But I digress; that's not for a few years!

I am reading The Help. It's fantastic, everyone should read it at some pont. I tried to read it last summer but just couldn't get into it. For some reason, I wouldn't read past the third or fourth page. I think that, no matter how great the book, sometimes it just isn't right for the reader. I think we read what we read when we're ready, when we need to. When we can really learn and absorb. How weird is that, though? I was instantly hooked this time around, but couldn't do it last year. Always give books a second chance! Every single one has so many great things to teach.

I worked for four hours today and it was HOT. No air flow. I'm sure I looked a mess as I tried to help customers... and then as my coworker just decided to take over everything I did. We don't work on commission, so this isn't a money issue. It's just, like, let me do it! I'm capable, and I have my own style of selling. And I think that's ok. Also, I've sort of established a relationship with these people and I know this lady doesn't like you clearly don't because you are SERVING HER OIL. I just thought I was at the age that people could trust me to take care of things. Clearly, not in the eyes of some. Oh well. I got 22 more hours for the next 3 weeks, in addition to however many I had. I like this continuous cash flow thing, and it's going to be kind of crappy when I go back to the Vass and start making $7.35/hr instead of $10. Again, oh well. I'm lucky to be making money at all. Gratitude is my attitude (as last year's holiday card so told).

Time to relax. More work tomorrow! $$$$$

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First World Pains

Tonight, I made dinner. All by myself (with a little chopping help from my sister). We made Rachael Ray's Taco Bowls with Guac-a-Salsa Salad. (She would name it that). And let me tell you, that is NOT a 30 minute meal. So much chopping, simmering, tasting, waiting, shredding, crying (onions), etc. This wasn't some spaghetti and meatballs 1-2-3 dinner. After we finished—a solid hour and a half later—I was nearly too tired to eat.

Is this how my mom feels almost every day?

I now have SO much more respect for what my mom does, and I got a taste of how truly difficult it is to be a homemaker. I was also so worried about what my dad and sister would think, if they would like it. I'm sure that anxiety falls away after a time, but I think there would always be a sting if my family didn't like what I spent time preparing for them. I've never really expressed real displeasure with a meal more than a few times, but now I will completely refrain, no matter how I feel about the meal. It takes a solid effort to make good food—and my mom makes GREAT food.

That was really my first time making something more complicated than pasta, on my own. It was immensely satisfying to finally sit down and enjoy it...and it tasted good! Just making dinner makes me feel like I really did something with my day and contributed (and I even cleaned the kitchen by choice today!)

I jus finished a nice mug of tea and have retired to the couch after "a hard day's work."

Only not really.

I mean, if we're being honest, I only made dinner.. After a trip to a fully-stocked grocery store where I could pick out anything I like with the $40 my dad gave me.

But still, I'll revel in the satisfaction for just a bit longer.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Politics of Facebook

One of the best feelings, in my opinion, is when someone commiserates with you about a peeve, habit or insecurity that you were embarrassed you even had. This happened with a friend last night, as she brought up a certain Facebook issue.

When you are in someone's profile picture for a long time, and then they change it, it makes you (or us, anyway) a bit sad. Of course, this is ridiculous. People are allowed to update their profile pictures, just as they are allowed to update their hair or change their mood. In all honesty, we shouldn't even think twice about it. But we do. Why? It feels as if we must have done something for them to remove us from their picture. They must not like me as much anymore! And now people aren't going to see how close we are! How popular I am! And if they changed their profile picture, should I change mine?

Though it's true that these thoughts are immature and almost always completely off base, we must (embarrassingly) admit that they go through our heads. Ever since Facebook blew up, we have become so hyper-sensitive to everything that goes on. We're concerned with how many 'likes' our status gets, how many friends we have, who gets the most birthday greetings. (which should really not even be a competition, seeing as Facebook tells you when a birthday is, so you get ZERO points for remembering. But that's a different story.) Why do we care so much? It's crazy, really, and takes up way too much of our time. Not to mention the fact that we shouldn't care one bit what 3/4 of our 'friends' think, since we've barely talked to them, and some we've never said a word to.

Facebook kind of sucks, in a way. We get butt-hurt about the tiniest of things, pretend to care about people we barely know, snoop through people's business, and just generally get an information overload. And, of course, the incredible (but boring!) procrastination Facebook provides.
But will anyone get rid of Facebook? Goodness, no! It's like, the great paradox of our generation. What helps us, hurts us. Truthfully, it's a great tool. We know everything that's going on, we connect with old friends and stay in touch with our current ones, blah blah blah (you know all of this). But for God's sake, how many more times can I read status updates detailing a person's day, down to their work hours? Especially when it's someone I have never had a relationship with to begin with? (but isn't it a little cool when someone requests you who you thought had never noticed you?)


It's never-ending, and this post is a hot mess. I have such a love-hate relationship with Facebook. There are so many times that my cursor has hovered over the 'like' button, that I've wondered how to phrase my birthday greeting or what to write as my status. I'm constantly caught up with what the protocol for Facebook is. Which, let's be honest, is stupid. So much time, wasted.

I don't think I'd ever delete my Facebook; it's too convenient for so many reasons. But I do hope to think about it as little as possible, and maybe log in as little as possible, as well. I need to be exploring the world around me, not stressing about what's going on in the worlds and minds of others.