Monday, September 26, 2011

Vassar Living

It's been over two weeks since I've posted a mundane life update. So that's what this will be! Nothing of particular note has happened, but I have snapped quite a few pictures over the past few weeks. My phone [HTC Evo] is seriously a godsend... the pictures it takes are overall better quality than my camera. Plus, I always have my phone, and rarely carry around my camera. Actually, I'm not entirely sure where it is at the moment. It's 5 years old, and technology has progressed so much that it's almost pointless to have. Served me well, though. So anyways. My past two weeks in pictures (since I don't want to use the brainpower to  can't recall every minute detail).

 Fireworks the night of Serenading.  Didn't participate in actual serenading, but I did spend time with my lovely friends and caught the fireworks show over Main building. Such a spectacular sight, but non-fancy cameras aren't so awesome at capturing dimly lit scenes. Got these, though!

Enjoyed some sweet Strawberry Blossom tea that Dan sent me because he didn't like it. Ha. But I did! It's too sweet to be an every day thing, but it has a nice flavor (and it's pink!)
Tea a couple of days later. A lovely, relaxing Sunday morning. Clearly, I like my tea.
Saw a deer on the way to the dc. He turned away before I could snap this photo, but he was cute! And I haven't seen a deer in the fall here. Only in the dead of winter at 2am last year....which is strange, too, I guess. I might have some pictures of that!

The leaves are starting to turn!! I am taking pictures of this whenever I see it, because I find the transition SO beautiful and fascinating. YAY, favorite Vassar season. More pictures to come. That cluster of trees will be emblazoned perfection in a few weeks.
Shanna sent me a card! She is so fancy, and she made my week. 
(Also, hi Shann! Loooove you)

Char and I hit up the Arlington Street Fair this past Saturday afternoon. We went to see FlyPeople perform, but I totally missed this last year and I wanted to see it. Totally reminded me of the Gymkhana in Jamul. A little kitschy, some interesting people, but also a lot of adorable families. There were so many gnats flying around on the walk there, though. Absolutely horrendous.

The sunset Saturday night was pink and glorious. My phone decided to restart when I was trying to take a good picture (it really picks the greatest times), so these aren't really representative... but still have a pink hue!

Vanity Fair is too long. Listen, William Makepeace Thackeray. 900 pages is just not necessary. It's just not. However, it is still a lovely novel, even if I am 100 pages behind. 

That is not 02 points. That is one hundred and two points. On the simplest word ever. Triple Letter for the J and also a Triple Word. I was the most proud.

Reading the aforementioned novel in the library this afternoon. Quite a lovely view.

...More leaves. I told you, every chance I get.

I went to the Farmer's Market today and picked up some apples and almonds. I never really use this gate and don't notice it when I do. Isn't it beautiful? And also so 19th century and fancy and Vassar. I love this school, I do.

Saturday night I hung out with Char and Niya in Joss. We had a pizza/study/dance/movie party. I have so much fun with those girls... most of the time, I like those nights SO much more than going out. Though we did go to  jazz night at Ferry and BSU Mug Night on Friday, which wasn't a bad time either ;)

Tour Guide update! I'm still loving it, but not giving enough tours! If too much time elapses, I get super nervous again. I did get a lovely comment card from a student on my tour last week. Positive reinforcement! 

I went to a Study Abroad meeting last week too... Meh. So complicated. I have to declare my major and decide where I'm going and it's all due by December 5th... It got me really excited but I have a lot  of decisions to make. 

Recent obsession: Pinterest. For the love. I hope it's up for the next decade at least because I have a ton of wedding/home/kid ideas on my boards... Hey, at least it promotes planning! Whoever invented that is a genius. It's like, a streamlined Tumblr. 

I also caved to desire and ordered two China Glaze nail polishes for half off their retail price. Emerald Sparkle and 24 K. Beyond excited for those! It's nice that I've been able to relax about spending money, but I don't want to relax too much.

I don't think I ever talked about the care package Dan sent me about two weeks ago. It had seven different loose teas, candy, a mix CD, 5 movies and a pack of cards (for whatever reason). He also sent me a sweet, funny letter. Of course, that's him in two words. Thankful for that boy.

So a busy couple of weeks I've had... Feels like I never left though. Hard to believe it hasn't even been a month that I've been back. But yay! Because time passing quickly makes me very upset. And I love this place and this time and this life.

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