Friday, September 9, 2011

A Post Amidst the Craziness

Wow, things got busy fast. What a stark contrast to the beginning of freshman year. I guess coming in already attached to jobs and student groups and friends, I shouldn't be surprised. But, though confident I can prevent it, I am able to see that point quite nearly on the horizon that I start drowning in all of my 'responsibilities.'

 Having my own room is helping (I think) to keep me focused... it's so, so great to be alone. Highly underrated, in my personal opinion. So many people hate being alone, or worse, look down on others that spend time alone, assuming they're doing so simply because there weren't any friends available to hang...or that they don't have any friends. But to have long stretches of uninterrupted thought or peace and quiet is really priceless. I feel like I'm going to learn a lot about myself this year. I got my rug today... and lugged it back from receiving all by my lonesome. I got a lot of sympathetic looks from strangers and friends... safe to say that was my workout for the day. So now my room is pretty much DONE. Here's how it looks:

I'll get it prettied up a bit, maybe some flowers and picture frames. On the wall to the left, which you can't see here, I need a BIG poster. I found a beautiful one (Ballooning Over Paris, Google it) but it's $40.00 and I just don't think I can swing that for a piece of paper. So I'll keep hunting, and if nothing else grabs my attention, I'll bite the bullet. I just am itching to decorate my walls because it still kind of seems bare in here, though the rug certainly helps. Isn't it kind of funky? I love it.

Tour Guide Training pretty much looked like this: 

Ok, that was one small part. Actually my least favorite part. Traipsing through the farm in intense heat and humidity. Made for some beautiful pictures, though! Love my fancy camera phone.

Classes have been wonderful, which makes me so very happy. Last year, I have to be honest, I didn't really connect with any of the courses I took. The work was tedious, I didn't feel like I was learning, nothing really sparked interest, much less passion, in me. This year is different. 
Nineteenth Century British Novels is bringing out the bookworm in me. My professor is kind of insane, I love it. She's so excited about these novels, and the time period. It's hard not to feel the passion when the professor so clearly feels and expresses it. We're currently reading Jane Austen's Persuasion. It's beautiful and compelling and I get sucked right in. Imagine that, actually enjoying a book for class. So much love for novels. I've never read any Austen or Dickens, even Jane Eyre. Which feels like a bit of a crime against the book lovers of the world, but I'm doing it now! It's lovely.
Sources of World Drama isn't the most exciting class in the world, but I can tell it's going to be very important. Learning the history of theater in all different countries and eras, and then reading the plays of that time. Nothing better you can do as an aspiring actor. READ PLAYS. 
French Grammar... not AWESOME. But already very helpful. I'm even a bit excited to do the exercises. It's nice to reinforce the foundations. My professor, though....sheesh. Strange.
History of Fashion for Theater. Fantastic book. Will go on my coffee table in the future. I'm learning about facets of cultures that have only crossed my mind fleetingly, if at all. That's pretty exciting to me.

Last weekend, FWA screened Chicago on the quad along with ViCe. This is what that looked like:

So much fun. Movies on the quad, or anywhere outside, make them so much better! It's too bad we'll all be freezing our butts off in two months...

The weather is back to warm and humid, but for a while I wasn't sure if the rain would ever stop. Honestly, persistent water from the sky for days. And thunderstorms as well. Since my bed is pushed up against one window, I can face the window, feel the cool breeze, hear the rain and watch the lightning flash. Kind of eery but incredibly peaceful. So I won't mind the rain when it comes again. Plus, everything is so clean and beautiful afterwards.

Not the best picture, but I really love this tree, and I've just recently noticed it. SO GREEN. 

Going out with the girls tonight... it's weird not living on the same hall, seeing each other at least once a day. But I think it makes us appreciate our friendship more. I only hope it doesn't separate us at all. Everyone's so busy with all these new things, but I still want to be able to count on my best friends.

The times, they do change. But it's still Vassar, and it's still wonderful.

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