Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Joys of October Break

We here at Vassar are an incredibly lucky bunch, if only for the fact that we get a week long break, right after midterms. Officially, this is called October Break, and boy, is it lovely.

The first weekend I spent in the city with Aubrey, getting back to Vassar on Sunday evening. I think Sunday night was my favorite night of break. Reeve, Isaac and I all went over to Angela's room to have a mini-party. We ate Oreos, watched Sister Act 2, played games, shared feelings, and talked late into the night. Angela's room used to be a double; it's huge. She even has a futon in there, so I ended up crashing in her room for the night since it was so late and I was so tired from doing the whole car-train-taxi thing all afternoon. I wish I took pictures of that night just because it was so nice, but it wasn't really a 'photo-op' kind of get-together.

Monday was spent relaxing in the AM, and then hitting the library in the afternoon with a few friends. The library was a great place during break because it was SO quiet... I didn't get much work done the first day but I loved that we were some of the only people in there.

Tuesday I signed up for 3 tour times, so I was in the Admissions Office intermittently. I might have done some more homework, but let's be honest... probably not. This might have been the night we went to Twisted Soul. YUM

Wednesday I only had one tour time. Afterwards, I went to the Crafted Kup with Reeve and Angela, and then we hit up the library again, and went to dinner at the stroke of 5. Hah, so much hunger that day!

Thursday I had two tours. Largely uneventful. Spent the evening (like all the evenings) with Reeve and Ang, watched Modern Family before I fell asleep.

Friday, the three of us went to the mall, which was really fun, albeit expensive ($6 each for the taxi each way) UPSIDE: The taxi there looked like this:

So we sat in it like this:
(Angela and Reeve)
Not knowing what to do. Except laugh. It was like a mini taxi limo.

We spent a good long time in the mall, combing through every rack. I was on a tight budget looking just for essentials, and I lucked out! Found a dressy-casual $7 shirt in H&M, a $12.50 mustard yellow dress from Forever 21 that will double as my halloween costume (lion), $10 fleece lined leggings, and $16 flats (I was in desperate need of flat shoes that weren't boots or sneakers). I also picked up a new nail top coat and 2 mascaras for $10 (they're usually $8 a piece)

Just for a chuckle, this is me in Reeve's $1 sunglasses, being just a tad creepy.

As most breaks do, this one passed far too quickly, but I loved every second of it. I spent part, most, or all of every day with Reeve and Angela, which was awesome because it gave us a chance to really become closer friends. I love bonding with wonderful people! We ate lots of Oreos, drank lots of tea, watched/listened to a LOT of BeyoncĂ©, and even had a spa night complete with geisha face masks! 
I adore those moments where you just stop and think "This is exactly where I want to be." And I felt that so many times during this week. The campus was quiet and beautiful, I had great friends to keep me company and late walks in the night to quiet my mind and process my thoughts. It was a week I wouldn't mind putting on repeat for a while. 

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  1. School breaks are so good for the soul! Sounds like a beautiful week! xoxo