Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's That Day.

Well, here we are. Summer has come and gone, and I'm four hours away from packing up the car and heading for Utah (which I literally started to type as youtah...i'm tired) with all but one member of the fam.

These past ten days have mostly been full of craziness. I don't remember all that I did, nor do I feel pressured to. Though this sunburn on my shoulders is making me painfully aware that I sat in the blazing sun at a Padre game on Sunday. Not just any game, but the Trevor Hoffman Retirement Ceremony game. What they did for him before the Pads played was marvelous and so well done. Truly touching... I love to see upstanding people get recognized for their talent and integrity. It just makes you feel good.
We also won the game in a nail-biting ninth, coming down to a triple by Hundley and a walk-off single by Venable, who was mobbed by his teammates immediately after. That camaraderie between the players and the love they have for the game... that is why I watch baseball. Why it makes me so damn happy. I also was sporting the Padres nail decals Dan gave me for my birthday, which I think I'm more enamored with than the pearl bracelet he gave me... Priorities?

My last day of work was Saturday, which was insaaaanely busy; I don't think I sat down once. On Sunday night we got together for ice cream at the Del. Such a lovely sunset and atmosphere... Roberta gave me a corn popper like the one we use in the store. Sadly, I can't take it to school, but I think my sister will be pretty happy with it here! Michele gave me earrings that she made (so gorgeous) as well as popcorn for the popper and some m&m's. I'm sad to leave work! It has really been wonderful working there. I got so beyond lucky with that job. Can't wait to go back!

Dan came down for a few days last week... we went to a Padres game, took multiple walks, went out to eat. All the usual stuff. Our walks were really, really nice. I just imagined doing that years down the road...nothing would be sweeter. On the day he left we got up very early and cuddled for a while before walking to get breakfast. After we ate, we went down to the beach...I was pleasantly surprised to see a wedding being set up. Such a beautiful place for a wedding... the huge expanse of sand, the wide ocean, the Del off to the left... Pure paradise here. Seriously. When Dan finally took off I was a bit of a mess. I tried to memorize his hugs and kisses. I can't imagine being without them for three months. I'm thankful I had to work 20 minutes later; otherwise, I probably would have shut myself up in a room to cry. Ha.

I'm very excited to get back to Vassar, though I feel like Time has played tricks on me again, and I'm somewhat disappointed in my lack of accomplishments this summer, mostly having to do with school and theater. But I think this year holds so many awesome opportunities, and responsibilities as well. A growing year, I'm sure of it.

Though I guess I can't think too far ahead. I've got a 15-hour car ride staring me straight in the face. Let's deal with that first... maybe I should sleep for a few hours so I can at least pretend to be a civilized person 3 hours from now. Oh goodness.

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