Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

I've seen the Awkward & Awesome Thursdays post here on Blogger, so I thought I'd join in, considering those are two very accurate adjectives every week for me. Also, it's already Friday, technically. OH WELL.

SO. The awkward:

  • Having to break up a fellow group birthday celebration by carefully tip-toeing between the cake and the bare feet. Even more awkward? The celebrators not even attempting to move.
  • Running into professors in long hallways. SO MUCH TIME to make strange and meaningless conversation.
  • When your friend gets way too surprised/offended that you don't know who Cornel West is. Like, whoa. 
  • Tripping over words during a small campus tour. Also, physically tripping.
  • Showing up to the dining hall 15 minutes before it opens for dinner. Hungry, much?
  • Drama rehearsals, sometimes.
  • French class, always.
And the awesome:
  • Becoming closer with people who used to be just acquaintances.
  • After-dinner/midday/anytime BeyoncĂ© dance sessions. Reeve and I decided to learn part of the Countdown dance. It ended in him elbowing me in the head. It's on video. 
  • Watching Daily Grace videos. 
  • Skyping with best friends.
  • Participating in class and having a professor call your idea 'beautiful.'
  • Delicious international food from all of the great area restaurants for not so much $$.
  • Drama rehearsals becoming fun!
  • The days until boyfriend reunion being 6.
  • SO MANY fun things to look forward to this weekend.
  • Finally declaring my major!

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  1. Lovely post. Reading this made me smile indeed.

    I followed btw, hope you dont mind. And maybe youll visit me someday too.