Thursday, November 3, 2011

Countdowns and Happy Homesickness

Countdowns are in effect right now. As much as I am trying to live in the moment, I have to note these excitements:

19 days until I meet Dan at Grand Central (oh how romantic. my dad thinks so, anyway!)
44* days until I'm home for winter break!

Those numbers are crazy and SOON. Not surprising, though, as these days get busier and fly faster!

My brother turned 21 last Friday, the 28th. I'm sorry, what? He can legally buy a drink at a bar now, which just seems like a milestone we would never get to. This puts me 20 months from that milestone. A year ago, I wrote about his turning 20 on my Tumblr. Ha. My sentiments have not changed at all. And I'm now at less than 8 months away from the no-longer-a-teenager milestone. No one really likes 20. I don't think I'll be different.

On my brother's birthday, I Skyped home for 2 hours. Lots of talking. My parents toasted my brother and his (over 21) friends with bourbon, which was funny to watch. My face was placed on the piano. Dad made a brief but sentimental speech and I cracked up, but not in a mean way. I love my dad, and that he feels comfortable sharing his feelings with us. I really wanted to be home at that moment.

I also got a tour of the new house, which is just lovely! I have my own room THANK GOD after that summer of couch-sleeping. My room also opens up onto the inner wraparound balcony, which looks over the inner courtyard. This all sounds so fancy. Really, it's just a lot more accommodating for us than the condo we moved out of. Also on the balcony is on our sauna. So glad we were able to find a place for it in this house, and even more excited that my room is right by it! Again, I want to go home!

I'm experiencing a lot more homesickness this semester than I did last year. I'm simultaneously happier this semester, so it's not as if I'm crying in my room missing Mom and Dad. I just adore the island lifestyle. I could WALK places, which was unheard of for the first 18 years of my life. And I'm also developing a more adult relationship with my siblings and my parents, which feels really good.

That being said, I am quite obsessed with Vassar and I'm going to fully soak up the next 44 days. No worries there.

Also on the 28th, I went to the gym. Monumental enough to post here.

*Pending approval from the Dean of Studies. UGH.

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