Friday, November 11, 2011


In honor of 11/11/11, I thought I'd post some of my wishes (mostly because I didn't really do anything cool today and I need some way to document that I was alive and kicking on this once-a-century occasion).

What I did do was work yet another Open House. We had about 550 people total today. I gave 3 tours, 2 of which had upwards of 25 people on them. Let me tell you, it's a lot more tiring than it sounds! My feet are begging for me to be horizontal. I'm also becoming an expert mingler. Though I am still struggling with how to end the conversation. It's just awkward.

I also majorly failed at waking up to my alarm. Got a call from a fellow tour guide, asking if I was coming down. Whoops. Thankfully I was able to get ready in less than 5 minutes (I'm always surprised by my ability to do this) and slipped in largely unnoticed.

Tonight I am blogging from the light booth once again, to the ambient sounds of disgruntled married couples and a very responsive audience.

So, my wishes.

I wish that I could get the chair of the department's signature to declare my major.

I wish the Junior Year Abroad forms would fill themselves out.

I wish I had closer relationships with professors so I wouldn't feel so uncomfortable asking for recommendation letters.

I wish I had more dining bucks.

I wish it was acceptable and nutritious to eat a croissant for breakfast every day.

I wish I had super cool blog post ideas.

I (sometimes) wish I could go home for the weekends. (Sometimes) 3,000 miles is too far.

I wish my boots weren't falling apart. Or that I had new boots.

I wish I could get to sleep earlier.

I wish I never procrastinated.

I wish I could stop running into doors and giving myself bruises.

And some deeper wishes:

I wish that all of the people in my life knew how grateful I am for them, and how much love pours out of my heart every day.

I wish I could reconnect spiritually and fill the place of yearning in my heart.

I wish I could plan ahead for birthdays and special occasions, and always go above and beyond for the people I care about despite how much I have to do.

I wish that I could commit myself to learning and become a sponge for knowledge.

I wish I could live entirely in the moment and not always be worrying about the time that's passing by when I could just be grateful for the time I have right now.

And I'm planning on turning I wish into I will.


  1. uhm ending those awkward conversations is just never fun! And about planning earlier for special occassions? Haha, I've already done a good chunk of christmas shopping! Im a nerd!

  2. these are great wishes girl! i'm so mad at myself that i missed both my chances to make a wish. oh well, i guess there is always 12/12/12 next year, right?
    xo TJ

  3. @ Alexis: Wow so impressed! I always end up doing holiday shopping so last minute. But I have at least starting making lists already!

    @TJ: Yes! Plan something big for 12/12/12!

  4. wow hope your wishes become true amen :)
    anyway checkout mine if you have a chance sweety :)