Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Things have slowed down the tiniest bit over here, as Virginia Woolf wrapped up over the weekend and there are no papers staring me in the face. For now.

Still, I feel the increasing pressure of Junior Year Abroad forms, recommendation letters, family I haven't called, and final papers and exams in the not-so-distant future. I am so very glad I was raised to be a positive individual; some deep cleansing breaths and a fair amount of laughter are all I need to stay (somewhat) sane.

On Saturday we celebrated Charmaine's 20th birthday! Danielle and I woke up early to visit MyMarket, the Dollar Store, and The Three Arts for a birthday present... Chocolate, balloon, and a book on Frida Kahlo, wrapped all lovely and decorated with some fall leaves we picked up on the walk. Not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of that gift. Thoughtful, fun, and didn't make a big dent in our bank accounts! The 4 of us (Niya, Char, Danielle and I) had brunch at Babycakes, and Char loved her gift. Phew!
the gift! (and yummy coffee)

Later that day, I went to see Barefoot in the Park, which my friend Angela directed. I loved what she did with it, and the actors were great, but I didn't connect too much with the script. I feel like it's one of Neil Simon's plays that doesn't translate too well over the decades. Still, I enjoyed it.

I ran right from that show to grab some food and then make my 5:45 call for Virginia Woolf. Closing night was fabulous; everyone was raving about it. Immediately following, I ran to Charmaine's room to have a toast for her birthday, then ran back (so much running!) to Main building for The Goat, a staged reading by the cast of Virginia Woolf (hard workers, those four). After that, we toasted to them and then headed to the cast party!

The cast and crew!
(I think this was "Pose like you're in a 90's sitcom!")

I stayed out until 3, getting to know everyone better and really enjoying a party with people that I had never spent too much time with. That was awesome. Also, I think everyone needs a 3AM night every once in a while. Just... because.

Sunday was like most Sundays: not as productive as I wanted it to be but still nice. I discovered Daily Grace on YouTube and am now obsessed. I did my laundry and then let it hang around my room to dry. Seriously, every couple of weeks my entire wall becomes my laundry line. Another highpoint of Sunday? The sunset:
This is serious. 
Also, our library is the greatest addition to sunset shots.

Also, this?
The colors on this coast, I swear.

I painted my nails the other day and I can't stop looking at them. This is Revlon's Steel-Her Heart. A gorgeous, steely metallic color. Absolutely perfect for the holiday parties with your LBD. I'm thinking this will definitely be on my nails for New Year's Eve! So far it hasn't chipped at all (I use Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat). I actually love the Revlon polish formula even more than my China Glaze/ Essie polishes.
It's so tough to get the lighting right on polish shots!

And something to maybe make you feel a bit better about yourselves. When I'm in the library, it usually  goes something like this: facebook, email, read blogs, YouTube, check facebook & email again, take pictures of myself. 
Exhibit A.

Productivity... it's a work in progress.

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