Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another 365

Day 184 7.1.12
WHOA. Startin' July with my face in your face.

Day 185 7.2.12
Kelly came over and we created.
These are little (cookie dough) bites of HEAVEN. From Joy the Baker, obvi.

Day 186 7.3.12
Kelly was still here the next morning, so we created more.
Cinnamon bread.

Day 187 7.4.12
Oh, Mother. Makin' a Fourth of July spread to die for.

Day 188 7.5.12
Carryin' the patriotism to the next morning with my breakfast.

Day 189 7.6.12
A simply delightful picnic with Cortnie in Balboa Park.
One of my favorite summer afternoons.

Day 190 7.7.12
This is a close-up of my shell mirror that faces my bed.
Handmade by my mom.
This picture is ridiculously shitty, but that mirror is a work of art.

Day 191 7.8.12
Caprese salad at Nicky Rotten's after family tennis.

Day 192 7.9.12
Playing with my grandparents' russian dolls

Day 193 7.10.12
Homemade hummus

Day 194 7.11.12
Included in a birthday package from Danielle. 
It's on my nails now.
I'm obsessed.

Day 195 7.12.12
Kids whipping their hair.
My sister and her friend worked with them for a couple weeks to put on a recital of sorts.

Day 196 7.13.12
Marissa's birthday dinner at The Marble Room downtown.
Comic Con goers EVERYWHERE.

Day 197 7.14.12
Went for a run for the first time in.... oh, ever.

Day 198 7.15.12
Danae's going away dinner.
natalie being cute.

Day 199 7.16.12
I just..don't get some people.

Day 200 7.17.12
This is a great face for day 200. Girls night at Danae's.

Day 201 7.18.12
The day I FINALLY got my phone back. After 30 days.
This is a view from the Coronado bridge as I was coming home. Sometimes it really hits me that I live in paradise.

Day 202 7.19.12
I made (a vegan) dinner and it looked like the picture in the recipe book.
Felt very profesh.

Day 203 7.20.12
A huge prayer for Colorado and a simple meal for my dad and me.
I love appetizers as dinner. It feels naughty. <-what?

Also I severely missed Instagram.
That's real.

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