Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where Has My Life Gone (365)

I know. I KNOW. I haven't posted 365 pictures since June 11. Who am I? I am the worst. I'm gonna take you through to the end of June and then do another post with July thus far. This should be interesting.

Day 165 6.12.12
I made black bean burgers.

Day 166 6.13.12
Peewee watermelon!
Jk it's a weird form of cucumber, but I was giddy all night because of this.

Day 167 6.14.12
Vegan veggie quesadillas. Guys they were so good. I should buy almond cheese again.

Day 168 6.15.12 
The day before my phone went byebye.

Day 169 6.16.12
Walking home from work.

Day 170 6.17.12
Father's Day. Lucky.

Day 171 6.18.12
LOVE the ads at the Village Theater. Vintage.
Saw Rock of Ages. Highly enjoyed the cheese factor.

Day 172 6.19.12
My sister does a great little dance for us in the midst of cooking dinner.
PLL Tuesdays.

Day 173 6.20.12
No comment.

Day 174 6.21.12
Tennis with dad.

Day 175 6.22.12
Sunrise photo shoot with the ever-fabulous Cortnie Dee. For the love of all things holy, book her! 

Day 176 6.23.12
Color coordination in the bedroom.

Day 177 6.24.12
Oh just the best mac ever, made by my mother of course.

Day 178 6.25.12
Don't even. I know. Gross.

Day 179 6.26.12
BEN from Love in the Wild.
Guilty pleasures are beautiful. Literally.

Day 180 6.27.12
lalala another screenshot. SO exemplary of my feelings, though. Slideshow issues always.

Day 181 6.28.12
Birthday lunch the day before my birthday to accomodate LIFE.
French cuisine. I chose it because it was fancy.
Ended up maybe regretting it a little bit because there were literally 3 vegetarian choices and I could have gotten away with picking a vegan place on my birthday if I wanted to!
But this cheese plate was fantastic.

Day 182 6.29.12
I turn 20 and throw a party. Posted about this already

Day 183 6.30.12
Danae takes me to see Wicked!
I like it but, for the second time, am not blown away.
What's up with that??

OK. June done. It was a fast month. But what does that mean?
On to July.

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