Tuesday, August 7, 2012

four fewer teeth and much better for it

we are nearing the end of day one of recovery.

I have been on the couch since about 11am.

Here's how the morning went down:

woke up at 7:30, took antibiotic.
left around 8:30, arrived at office at 9.
filled out paperwork and anxiously waited.
taken back to the operating room around 9:30.
I am given a blanket as they ask about allergies and possible pregnancy (lol no).
my blood pressure is taken (and then again and again every 5 minutes)
arms and legs are strapped down.
the laughing gas is administered.
I start to play with my heart rate by breathing the gas in super quickly and exhaling very slowly.
I think this is hilarious.
I realize why they call it laughing gas.
suddenly the doctor comes in and gets right down to business.
he tightened a rubber band around my wrist (holy crap that hurt) and put in the IV.
some inappropriate places started burning/tingling (i was warned about this by megan).
I felt rushes of THINGS, like the iv fluid was coursing through my veins, and then nothing else.

I don't remember falling asleep, I don't remember any part of the surgery, didn't hear any sounds, and woke up feeling like it had only been five minutes.

this was really trippy for me. as I mentioned, last time I was 'under' was a solid 18 years ago. It's the weirdest not being able to remember anything that happened in my mouth to remove all four of those pesky wisdom teeth.

The last thing I remember is thinking about the laughing gas: COMMIT THIS TO MEMORY. THIS IS THE BEST FEELING EVER. uhm, does that sound problematic to you?

I was nice and loopy when I woke up, and thankfully couldn't feel anything. I was in such a good place in the recovery room, just on the cusp on consciousness and kind of feeling like I was floating. (again, problem?)

My dad drove me home and I went right to the couch, where I've been ever since.
The pain has been manageable for the most part, but when the IV wore off.... ROUGH.
Vicodin is my new bff, and yes I realize I now sound like a major drug addict. It's. Fine.

I've been catching up on all the blogs I follow and, of course, the Olympics since Saturday.
My diet has consisted of frozen yogurt, green juice, cold soup, watermelon, a protein shake, and now some eggs are being whipped up for me. Constantly hungry but can't really chew. So.

My sister also brought me flowers, which was extremely sweet and brightened up the whole day. They smell delightful as well.

I'm nervous for tomorrow because I hear the second day is more uncomfortable than the first, but I have the couch and my trusty pill bottle, so I think I'll get through it.

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