Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the eighth month

oh hey, august.

i'm happy you are here. you are the motivation i need to get myself in gear to really prepare for moscow. you hold the final 31 days of summer. the final 31 days of being away from my favorite place on earth, and some of my favorite people.

you are a poetic month. an action-packed month.

i thought about resisting your arrival, panicking about the dwindling days of this glorious season. but there's no resisting you; time passes. and why should i? there are so many great things ahead. i am ready to really start up life again, turbo charged. summer is a standstill, and you can't stay frozen for too long.

i love this place but i love adventure more. there is adventure of every kind coming up once my plane touches down in new york. adventures with myself, with others, with foreign places. all-encompassing adventures.

august, you bring me one month closer to these beautiful things.
how could i complain?

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