Monday, August 27, 2012

My Week in Utah

i spent a week in Utah for a business convention. doesn't that sound boring?

the opposite of boring, folks. the complete opposite. my family, and this company? boring is not an option.

how about a little rundown?

Monday, the 13th:

We left bright and early, as we were driving to the beehive state (seriously, utah? the BEEHIVE state?)
There was a quick stop at the oral surgeon's office, to get my new syringe toy to clean out the holes in my gums from the wisdom teeth operation. delicious, you say? i know.
we love roadtrips in our family. in 2009, we went on a road trip for a month. that's right, 30 states in 30 days. we've been meaning to write some sort of blog/book about it. yes, we know it has been three years. but i'll let you know if it ever comes to fruition.
so anyways, this 12 hour jaunt was really nothing too crazy for us. it was just my parents and me, as my brother would fly from san francisco to meet us in utah.
i've taken this specific drive twice before, but was still so incredibly fascinated by the world outside my window. maybe a little too fascinated. i had to delete many a nature photo. but i saved a few for you:

like... can you handle it? maybe you can. i couldn't. if you'd like to see a little more nature, click here.

also, on the trip up, we passed by one of the top earners in the company, in his RV and toy truck. as in, the trailer he keeps his fun four wheeler type things, not a tonka.

OH and I had CHIPOTLE.

we arrived in utah by 9:30, and slept in our family friend's father's house. ooh, say that five times fast.

Tuesday, August 14:

the morning looked a lot like this:

i was still in a little bit of pain, and also struggling a teeeensy bit with the altitude change. 

this is the house we slept in:

i know, right? perfect.

we made the short trip to the corporate offices:

they have the best little cafe(teria) in there: amazing salads, especially, plus REVS
 (oops, my 2nd that day)

we then checked in to our hotel smack in the middle of salt lake city, right across fromt the convention center. this was our view!

and this was my outfit:

we explored for a bit, and stumbled upon this adorable pastry shop.

did that 3 picture thing work?? great. it was freaking cute and also delicious.

what next?? whole foods, of course. i decided you didn't need pictures of that. this is already getting lengthy.

i did get some new running shoes that night at REI. fancypants:

Wednesday, August 15:

On this day, we registered for the convention and went to a few awesome breakout sessions/trainings:.

my brother and me, sort of color coordinating:

in the middle of the store! more fancypants. also! see that white-haired man in the pink/blue shirt? that's our founder. usually, he's in a lab coat. casual wednesday?

pretend you can see my face!

that night, we went to USANAfest, which was at the USANA amphitheater (are you sure it's -er, spellcheck?) outside the city. Belinda Carlisle, Eddie Money, Tommy Shaw, and Kenny Loggins! It was such a great time. 

the family! mom was looking at another camera...

OK I'm gonna stop here for a bit because we are halfway through and this is SO LONG already. i will pick up where i left off.

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