Thursday, August 9, 2012

recovery day 3

All is painful on my mouth's front. I mean... back.

Ok, it isn't THAT bad.

(...but it kind of is.)

The pain is in a lovely ebb and flow stage, so I've been rotating through stages, including "get the frozen peas," "is it time for another Vicodin yet?" and "I'm starving where's the food?!"

It has been quite a ride. The vicodin definitely messes with me a bit, pushing me into a sort of half-consciousness, complete with dizzy spells and all that jazz. It does a pretty good job dulling the pain, but it takes its sweet ass time.

I'm looking pretty interesting. I think I'm the most swollen today, though if you didn't know me you'd think my face was just a little bottom-heavy. My sister made a joke about me storing food in my cheeks for later. Original.

I am absolutely relishing the care I've been getting the past few days. My fam has been so wonderfully accommodating and truly sweet. So I'm kind of on the fence about whether I'd like this to all be over, because when my parents ask me if I need anything, I feel like a little babe again and it's oh so good.

I do kind of miss working out though (Eee!), and I would just love to eat a little solid food.
So, maybe this jig should be up.

(Also I totally realize this title is over-dramatic. I'm aware this was minor surgery, but hey, I'm not in ORs very often. Gotta milk it while I can, amiright?)

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