Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Posts in Three Days!

It deserved a title. I'm proud of myself. I think I might be getting into a rhythm here...we'll see.

This post will be random.

I made dinner again tonight! Chocolate pasta with vanilla and raspberry sauce... I liked it, but the siblings weren't extremely enthused. I guess it was a little strange. My dad, however, did enjoy the unique quality of my meal. I can always count on him for a compliment! I like making meals, experimenting with flavors and seeing what I can do. It's a little glimpse into the future, cooking for my family. Also a bit scary, knowing I'll have that responsibility at some point. But I digress; that's not for a few years!

I am reading The Help. It's fantastic, everyone should read it at some pont. I tried to read it last summer but just couldn't get into it. For some reason, I wouldn't read past the third or fourth page. I think that, no matter how great the book, sometimes it just isn't right for the reader. I think we read what we read when we're ready, when we need to. When we can really learn and absorb. How weird is that, though? I was instantly hooked this time around, but couldn't do it last year. Always give books a second chance! Every single one has so many great things to teach.

I worked for four hours today and it was HOT. No air flow. I'm sure I looked a mess as I tried to help customers... and then as my coworker just decided to take over everything I did. We don't work on commission, so this isn't a money issue. It's just, like, let me do it! I'm capable, and I have my own style of selling. And I think that's ok. Also, I've sort of established a relationship with these people and I know this lady doesn't like you clearly don't because you are SERVING HER OIL. I just thought I was at the age that people could trust me to take care of things. Clearly, not in the eyes of some. Oh well. I got 22 more hours for the next 3 weeks, in addition to however many I had. I like this continuous cash flow thing, and it's going to be kind of crappy when I go back to the Vass and start making $7.35/hr instead of $10. Again, oh well. I'm lucky to be making money at all. Gratitude is my attitude (as last year's holiday card so told).

Time to relax. More work tomorrow! $$$$$

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