Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week in Review

Ah, back to blogging. I've been out of town the past few days without a computer of my own, which (partially) explains my absence. The other 3 days... I just didn't feel like writing. Which I think is ok, sometimes. But mostly I'm lazy which really needs to stop before August 27. Seriously. If there's one thing I WILL accomplish my sophomore year, it's improving my work ethic. For the love of all things holy.

Recap of the last week...

Friday, July 8. Hold on, let me check my Twitter. Sad, I know. Well, I went to work for another four hours. That was good. Oh! Before that, I cleaned out my closet (which, in reality, is 1/3 of my sister's closet and not much bigger than my closet at Vassar. Sigh). I had been really lazy with it, which stemmed from my frustration at its size. The point, however, is that I made the delicious discovery of Accuradio's broadway section. There are about 20 broadway related 'stations' with virtually NO commercials and few repeats (ahem, pandora). You can listen to Tony winners 1949-76, musicals just from 2010, a certain many options, it's perfect. And since I'm trying to be a bit more of a buff in the way of musicals, this was a gold mine find for me. So therein lies Sarah's new obsession.

Saturday was another workday for me. ALSO figured out how to lace braid my hair, finally. After work, I deposited 2 checks, got Mojito gelato (incredible) and then Danae came over to take me to Horton Plaza! Our mission was to find her some black heels... found them in the very first store we looked in (Nine West) for 60% off, which was fantastic. We then went into Zales and told the sales guy we were looking for engagement rings...I think that's my new favorite pastime. I tried on a beautiful solitaire diamond, then sent a picture to Dan ;) Our final stop was Nordstrom, and I ended up buying a fuchsia crop top that I decided against a few days before when I was there with Megan. It was just too cute. I'm learning how to spend money and not feel guilty, now that I'm making it myself and the main thing I wanted to do with it was buy clothes. So I'm doing that.
On a whim, Nae and I decided to go see Shrek the Musical, since it was playing at the Civic. I wore my new suede ruffle heels (any excuse to wear heels is taken advantage of). We got some $20 seats in the top balcony, which were surprisingly pleasant seats, at least with our binoculars! The show was really funny and well done, and it was great to see live the songs I'd been listening to since early spring. Post show, we were hungry and it was late, so we hit up In-N-Out (for the first time since I've been home!) We both ordered protein style with grilled onions, and split fries and a chocolate milkshake. We ate in the car and it was so much fun to just be out late and talk with my best friend. It brought me back to high school, before we both started establishing separate lives. Whenever we spend quality time together, I know with so much certainty that she is going to be in my life forever.

Sunday! Worked again...watched TV....had a nice little chicken dinner and then made crepes at 10pm. They are so easy to make and I had an intense craving. Ate 2 with nutella while watching The Marriage Ref...which I've realized is worth watching when the judges are good. I love Kathy Griffin (note to self: get seasons of her show at library!), and Ellen Pompeo is just a goddess. Also, she was wearing these incredible high-waisted rust colored pants that I just WISH I could pull off and wear on a regular basis.

I don't own this one!

Monday, I had the fastest work shift ever, filling mini bottles of oil/vinegar for a bridal shower... also decided with my boss that lemon olive oil & pomegranate balsamic should be our special next month. YUM! After work I gathered my stuff and headed to the train station. Took the 4:00 Surfliner to LA... listened to lots of Adele and read The Help on the way. Le boyfriend picked me up and we drove back to his apartment, stopping at Norm's for dinner. Dan is taking USANA essentials now, which is awesome, and he packed them in a little baggy for dinner. So responsible! That night, we watched (most of) The Social Network before I started to fall asleep. Ha.

On Tuesday, Dan and I decided we should make a cake, since his recent purchase of a Birthday Cake scented candle spurred a craving. Went to Ralph's, bought the essentials and I went to work. While it baked, we ate tuna sandwiches. In preparing the frosting a little later, I realized I needed a sifter, which Dan did not own. Improvising just wouldn't cut it in this situation, so off we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a 3-pack of sifters in assorted sizes. Crisis averted. After I finished making the cake, we watched the All Star Game and Dan made tofu stir fry for dinner...surprisingly delicious. Later on we had cake and finished Social Network.

Wednesday we just hung around and spent a lot of time cuddling. The time we spend together is never enough, of course, so I like to just be close to him as much as possible. He drove me to the train station for another 4pm train and then I was on my way. Since I had finished The Help, Dan gave me a new book to read on the train.. The Sirens of Titan, by Kurt Vonnegut. I like it so far; I'm about 1/3 of the way through. Spent some time talking to an interesting woman on the train. She sells wine for a living, while her husband sells beer. Quite the pair, I'd say. She asked me about college and things of the like, and told me how great it was to explore other cultures and people. She wished me luck when she got off the train, saying I should thank 'the lady on the train' in my acceptance speech when I get famous. I just might.
I had to go to an ACN meeting with my dad when he picked me was strange, being at an opportunity meeting for another network marketing company. I'd only ever been to USANA meetings, and this one just felt... unprofessional, a little sleazy, even. I get that they're helping people by saving them money on 'essential services,' but it's really all about money. That's what the meeting was centered on, too. They kind of made a jab at companies selling 'vitamins, lotions & potions, etc.' but with USANA, the main focus is helping others. Helping others and ourselves get healthy, and then, if they're interested, helping them achieve financial freedom. When I suggested to Dan that he take the vitamins, it had absolutely nothing to do with the points it would generate in my business. I just wanted to introduce him to something that would help him, make him feel his best. Anyway, I'm not here to criticize a company... I'm just grateful for the opportunities I myself have. After the meeting, my dad did what he was there to do. Which was to give a RESET kit to an ACN lady that he had met. Hopefully, our 3 hours at the Mission Valley Hilton paid off.

Today is Thursday, and I have yet to have any dairy products. Trying to lay off a little, for my health and my skin. Even though the brie cheese in the fridge is HARD to resist.
Also, my nails are really long and I love them but it is kind of difficult to type...they may have a meeting with the clippers later today.

Alright, this novel is over. Time for lunch and the first section of the BDS: eApprentice for USANA. Productivity, yay!

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