Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Week Flies By

Any semblance of productivity I achieve is instantly ruined when I click the Facebook button on my Bookmarks bar. But still, I woke up before my alarm went off and immediately got in the shower. I made eggs and cereal and caught up on some YouTube subscriptions. I was planning on starting a blog post right after I ate but then I went on Facebook. Of course. Anyways. It's been another (busy!) week since I've posted, soo time for another week in review.

Awkwardly, I don't remember anything about Monday. Except that I worked for 4 hours. Oh, and I think this was the day I dipped my quesadilla in Peach balsamic. Not kidding. And it was delicious.

On Tuesday, Kelly, Aubrey and Danae came over for my belated birthday celebration. Kelly was here first...we went to the grocery store to buy food for our beach picnic! We made a salad with strawberries and mandarin oranges (blood orange olive oil & peach balsamic as dressing, of course). We also made a fruit salad, onto which I drizzled more peach balsamic. Seriously, I use it for everything. I talked to Kel outside for a bit, and when Danae and Aubrey arrived, we made our respective wraps and set off for the beach! Our beach picnic was so fun; I would do that every day if I could. Here's what it looked like:

Honestly, best thing to do with your friends. So fun and low-key...and delicious, too. Although the seagulls WILL attack if you're not careful.
Once back at my house, we ate the cake Kel made for me (so cute!) and just relaxed. I fell into a deep sleep for around 20 minutes, which prompted my friends to snap a picture of me and post it as my phone's background. Gotta love them. Nae and Aubs left, and Kelly came with my family to Yummy Sushi. She left around 11, and I THOUGHT I was going to just fall asleep, but I showered at midnight and didn't end up sleeping until after one. Again. Of course.

Wednesday, I worked 12-4, but got off early since it was so incredibly slow. Dan came around 4:30... we watched the Padres game and then ventured out to Santee to hang with Kel and Nae at the yogurt shop. We ate Cazadores and frozen yogurt, and my lovely boyfriend was such a team player. ;) Not sure what we did when we got back... nothing too exciting, obviously.

On Thursday, I was SO tired for some reason... I could not get myself off the couch. Around 2, Dan and I went to the beach... Kind of a repeat of Tuesday—it really was that good! We ate, relaxed, read, just enjoyed each other's company. We showered when we got back, then spent some time talking about my classes at Vassar, and Dan (in his infinite web knowledge) signed me up for Amazon Student, so I can get free shipping on all my books. Where would I be without him? We had pizza for dinner in the evening, and I fell asleep on him during Seinfeld, because he just makes me calm and it's that easy to drift off when he's holding me.

Friday, We all went to my sister's production of Zanna, Don't that the musical theater camp kids put on in 8 days. Was very impressed. Dan met my grandparents, so we got that out of the way. The fam, Dan, Danae and I all had lunch at Which Wich... that was my first time there and it was so good and clever. I heard they're opening one in Coronado... crossing my fingers! We watched the Pads game at home, then Danae left and Dan and I walked around town and went to dinner at Cafe 1134. We had a bit of a serious talk, but we worked everything out, and that felt really good. Again, I fell asleep on him. It's just too easy.

Yesterday, Dan left after he dropped me off at work. Though it's always too soon, I liked him spending 3 nights here. A little more satisfying. Work was ridiculously busy, so it went by quite quickly, which was nice. We also got 5 new balsamics. Espresso? SO yummy. After work, I seriously spent 4 hours reading blogs. But time you enjoy wasting is not wasted, so say John Lennon and Bertrand Russell.

That's all for the week. Time for work, and hopefully a more thought-provoking post later in the afternoon.... if that pesky Facebook button doesn't distract me.

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