Sunday, July 24, 2011

Memories Of: Kelly

I think this will be my first in a mini blog series, describing my favorite memories of my very best friends. Since journaling was something I could never stick to in high school, I feel the need to jot down these treasured moments when they spring to mind, before they disappear entirely.


Whenever I hear the song "It's America," by Rodney Atkins, I think of Kelly. Then I text her. She does the same.

"IT'S AMERICA!! :D" we bang out as quickly as we can.

The first time I heard this song was at Kelly's house. We sat in her living room and watched the music video, and were immediately hooked. This was years ago, when I was just falling in love with country music, thanks to Kel. From then on, we always turned it up when it came on the radio and sang along (loudly) with Mr. Atkins. It just kind of became our song, very naturally. We carried on the texting tradition into college, and my heart always warms whenever I receive that text or hear the song myself. There really is nothing like the fond, unique memories of high school. I don't want to go back—my life since Vassar is the best it's ever been—but some days, I would give anything to be back in Kelly's car, driving from school to her house, blasting that song on the radio. It's so clear in my mind.

My favorite thing about that song is that it's the portal to so many other memories with Kel, reaching all the way back to the first day of freshman year, 7th period P.E. "It's America" really unlocks some of my greatest moments with my very first high school friend, and they make me so warm and happy inside. Those memories can unfold in another post, as there are so many. But the pinnacle really is that Rodney Atkins song. And I will never stop listening to it.

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