Saturday, July 16, 2011

People Who Need People

You know your mom is home when you have homemade pesto for dinner. Last night I waited up for her, semi-anxious about her drive-through-the-night stint. I called her at 5am, when she told me she was two hours away. I guess that was enough comfort for me to pass out for two and a half hours...woken up at 7:45 by the boys' conversation. Mom arrived about ten minutes after that. Ah, a sigh of relief. She soon hit the hay as well, seeing as she'd been on the road for 24 hours.

I worked a four shift today, which was surprisingly easy considering my lack of rest. I love talking to people and witnessing their experiences in the store. Everyone is always so amazed. I'm also a huge fan of suggesting my favorites to try (currently: peach balsamic) and watching the customer's face upturn in a surprised smile as they grab a bottle right on the spot. It's so funny how you sell the most of whatever your favorite is. I think it's quite psychological... the customer sees and feels your enthusiasm and so maybe is predisposed to liking your suggestion. There's also the theory that maybe the product is just that good. Which, let's face it, it is. Peach balsamic is my holy grail, kryptonite, new love, all of that. I will drink it. As a matter of fact, I put it in both my sparkling and flat water. (Eyes widen at this tidbit)
But besides the selling, it's really entertaining to just learn about and experience humans. This sounds somewhat pretentious and weird, but I'm meeting people I would (probably) never meet otherwise, and they're so damn interesting. Yesterday, a woman came in with her daughter and niece (14 and 21, respectively). They were so intrigued by our products (this woman bought everything she tried) and just generally really sweet. At one point in the conversation she asks "How old are you?" and then looks to her niece and comments on how cute I am. She then proceeds to inquire about my relationship status. Disappointed to hear I had a boyfriend, she went on to explain that their family had just moved from Arizona and their son—also my age—needed to meet people on the island. I was thoroughly entertained by this exchange, though felt somewhat awkward at her compliments and attempts to set me up with her son. The best part, however, came 5 minutes after she left the store. She returned, husband and son in tow, to introduce me. When I went to shake Nelson's hand, he hugged me! This guy I had never met, never heard of (until 10 minutes before) was hugging me. It was strange and hilarious and so cool. I think it is so interesting how our paths cross sometimes, and how unabashedly kind some people are. It's wonderful and puts me in a great mood. Even better, Nelson's mom informed him I already had a boyfriend, to which he replied "That's ok, doesn't mean we can't be friends!" These are the moments in which I adore mankind. I walked around with a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Ya know, I should have told them just how much they made my day.

Relating to the beginning of this post, I really am having a hard time falling asleep lately, even when my mom isn't on a deserted highway at 3am. It's not healthy, and I know that. But there's this weird anxiety I get and I'm not sure where it comes from, or what to do about it. I think I might be a bit more paranoid, living under someone and next to a ton of someones. It seems counterintuitive, as most people are so much more comfortable on a suburb street than they are in a semi-isolated house, but I grew to know every sound my house made in Jamul. And here, I have no idea where any of the sounds are coming from. I think I'm growing more comfortable, but I'm not there yet.
The good thing that comes out of my mild insomnia is my sudden inspiration to do creative things. Last night, I edited together a bunch of clips from Wild Party in which Matt Ortile steals the spotlight. I used transitions and title pages, calling it 'Matt's Wild Party Highlights.' After I was done editing, I uploaded to YouTube straight from iMovie. I had NO idea I could do that, nor had I ever edited or uploaded any video, so this was exciting for me! Once on YT, I posted the link on Matt's wall, and he loved it. I made his night—or at least his 5am—and that made me so, so happy. There might be more of that thing in the future. Unexpected surprises are fun!

I'm tired now, which is a good sign. I think I will attempt to fall asleep, no distractions. Crossing my fingers!

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