Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just the Way I Like It

It's later than I've stayed up in a while, so I don't feel too guilty. My paper isn't done but it will get done. So will the other ones. This I know, and I find comfort in it.

It's peaceful. I love the wee hours. I feel centered, creative, happy, blessed. Life seems grander. Maybe it's delirium.

Many hours were spent in the library. Then the Rose Parlor. I'm back in my room now. It's emptier without him here. But I treasure my alone time.

My sleeve smells faintly of Ralph Lauren Blue, which smells a bit like my first favorite perfume, Missoni Acqua. Takes me back to high school, spritzing it on by my window seat, preparing to face the day. I still miss it, that time in my life. I was different. Not as good as now. The world was so small. But nostalgia is a powerful beast. I keep it at bay when I can. The present is so good.

I love everyone here and sometimes forget there was a time I didn't know them. I've experienced more things with people I've known for a year than some of the people I knew for four.

College transforms. I've never witnessed something so beautiful.

I'm hungry for more, always hungry for more. I want to do everything, make it last. Feel every feeling, love every way there is to love, learn all that is learnable.

I love every moment and every person in the middle of the night. Counterintuitive. Also so wonderful. Let me just be here for awhile. Just breathe, appreciate, listen, feel.

Tick Tick Boom, Last 5 Years, OneRepublic is the soundtrack for the night.
Music fills the soul, even when people don't change and life is passing by and memories are slipping through your fingers and away forever.

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  1. "Learn all that is learnable" I love this. I have been feeling this way lately too, with the end of school so near.