Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Three Days and Thoughts that are Clouding my Brain

It's Wednesday. I'll be home on Saturday. Literally 72 hours until I'm on a plane.

I cannot do this 8 page paper. My motivation level is in the negatives, which I feel doesn't make sense as it's one of the only things I have to do before I get to leave. But I'm spent. So spent and ready to relax and sleep for days.

(But not really because when I get home it goes like this: holiday party-->wedding-->work!)

So thankful that I get to work over winter break. I haven't taken any money from my parents this semester, and there's a definite pride in that. Though I hate learning how quickly money goes away, I do appreciate having it. And spending it on people that I love. I think this is the first year that I'm buying holiday gifts for everyone on my list. Nothing big, but still, a token of the way my heart beats for these people.

I have to take my Quantitative Analysis requirement next semester, and right now it's looking like Intro to Macroeconomics. Please, excuse me while I go cry. I only hope I can NRO it so I don't have to get a grade. As you can tell, I am not overly confident in the skills of my left brain.

Still, I have high hopes for next semester. Since coming to Vassar, every semester has improved on the last, and I would love that trend to continue. I cannot begin to explain my sadness that the conclusion of next semester marks halfway through this incredible chunk of my life. It goes too fast and I still feel so new.

It's really, really all about being present. Taking in as much as I possibly can.

My room is a construction zone. Already started packing. (that is how much i don't want to write this paper)

It also feels like I still haven't gotten all of the hairspray out of my hair, despite the numerous shampoos since Sunday.

I think I'm going to the dc to do my paper. Maybe if I'm surrounded by food I'll be more calm. And the library is too crowded.
Worth a shot, anyway.

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