Monday, April 2, 2012

Proejct 365 #9

So I took the weekend off from blogging. As per usual when the boyfriend is here.
Pictures from the past ten days (totally slacked on these too)

3.21.12 Day 81
Messing with the settings on my camera. Loving my sunglasses too much to take them off.

3.22.12 Day 82
Playing with my wardrobe. Hadn't worn this shirt in years.
Warm weather is my friend.

3.23.12 Day 83
Another fun wardrobe day. Same shorts, totally different look.

3.24.12 Day 84
Measure for Measure cast party, finally. 
Had some interesting conversations.

3.25.12 Day 85
Tech tech tech. Bagel with cucumbers and cream cheese was AMAZING.

3.26.12 Day 86
Actually obsessed with Madie's face here. Vassar being beautiful.

3.27.12 Day 87
Result of my all-nighter. Watching the sun rise. Perfection.

3.28.12 Day 88
Hungry, Sarah? Everything vegetarian in the dc was eaten this night. 

3.29.12 Day 89
We have so many daffodils and they are incredibly gorgeous.

3.30.12 Day 90
What my nights looked like in the sound booth. Watching PLL and waiting for cues.

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