Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Need Sunshine

Allergy meds. A blessing and a curse. I am virtually symptom-free, though a heaping tablespoon of fatigue has been added to the mix.

I was completely out for three hours yesterday. Today, I fought to keep my eyes open... in jazz class.

I guess I'm still getting used to them since I've never had to take allergy medication before. These damn (ex-)arboretums. So many trees, so much pollen, sneezes galore!

I had to do it, though. As my mom says, "There is a place for drugs." That place is here. Performing outside while wicking away snot and neurotically itching my eyes? I think not. So I walked to Rite Aid with Dan and bought the generic brand of Zyrtec. About 30 seconds after walking out, I realized it wasn't non-drowsy. Oh well. I can fight through it.

Speaking of performance, our show is NEXT WEEK. How the hell did that happen? The forecast is anything but comforting: rain until Wednesday. If it's wet outside, we have to perform in our rain space, the Aula. Which...ugh, is NOT a theatrical space but we would make it work. If any show can, it's Hair. BUT let's pray that the sun will be shining all week! 'Let the sunshine in,' as they say. ooooh puns.

There are 5 cookies sitting on my dresser. 5 Nilda's cookies that I cannot eat because I went vegan for the week. They're taunting me. I get so hungry at night. Being a vegan is not my favorite at Vassar. It's not hard, per se, but the options are fairly limited. A lot of the fun is sucked out of eating, especially if you go so far as eliminating bread made with milk, etc. I think veganism can be incredibly diverse and delicious... if you have a kitchen and a book full of recipes. I do not, so I think that life change will have to wait.

Again with the fatigue! I am so beyond tired. I guess I get a pass since it's almost 1am, but honestly, that used to be early for me. No longer! Allergy meds=real human bedtime? I guess that's not so bad.

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