Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project 365 #... until April 17

Listen. I missed a few days. But I threw in some extra photos that kind of go with the general theme of VC/my life right now. SO IT'S FINE.

Day 91 3.31.12
Our performance space for HAIR. Literally the most beautiful.

Day 92 4.1.12
It's spring APRIL FOOLS. 
VC can't decide.

 Day 93 4.2.12
My personal model Tim. At Long Day's strike in the back of a van.

Day 94 4.3.12
Just barely the 3rd. Midnight bday celebration for this lovely face.

Day 95 4.4.12
Megan's first day.
Hi yes this is a video still

Day 96 4.5.12
Oops also a video still.
Last day before passover! Eating all the bread.

Day 97 4.6.12
Early bday celebration for Isaac at hair bonding.

Day 98 4.7.12
Our view laying down on the library lawn.

Day 99. 4.8.12
Central Park with Megan and Daniel. Wonderful, wonderful day. Loved having Megan here.

Day 100!! 4.9.12
Shitty that day 100 is a video still BUT a still very exemplary of my day.
Watched the finale of PLL. I was so jumpy the whole time. IT WAS AMAZING.

Day 101 4.10.12
Jazz professor brings dog to class.
I fall in love.
Day 102 4.11.12
I got instagram. This is the first picture I messed with, pre-messing.
I can't import the instagram photos from my phone! Still figuring it all out.

Day 103 4.12.12

Sorry this is so gross. Funny food casualty on the way to Acrop.

Day 104 4.13.12
Yes, I went to a sex lecture. It was great.

Day 105 4.14.12
Breaking Passover at Bacio's.

Day 106 4.15.12
Shivani (fellow Hair cast member) performing at SASAFest. 
We got out of our sitz probe just in time to watch her perform!

Day 107 4.16.12
Vassar positivity in front of the DC.

Day 108 4.17.12
Coffee in econ. Absolute necessity.


  1. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

    1. Thanks! and sure! I followed you :)