Sunday, April 8, 2012

Slacker Alert

I was on point for January and February, but March slowed me down a little bit, and April is straight crazy. I don't think it's humanly possible to post every day now, with only three weeks of classes left and hardly any time to breathe. Whatever, whatever. I told myself this wouldn't take priority over school; I think I can survive missing a post here and there.

Megan has been here since Wednesday, which I have really enjoyed. It has gone by really quickly; she's leaving Tuesday! I feel like she just got here. Today we went into the city around 8:30, met up with Dan in Times Square and took the 4:50 train back to Poughkeepsie. We walked all over, which was awesome, but it definitely took a toll on our poor feet. I hadn't been to Central Park in over a year, so it was really nice to go back and spend some more time there. The day was sunny and windy; overall quite beautiful. A lovely day for the Easter 'parade' that happens in the city around St. Patrick's Cathedral. The ridiculous  hats and outfits and performers were certainly a sight to see. I feel like things go crazy in New York no matter what the holiday. Always a reason to celebrate! I can't complain; I'm always a proponent of good cheer. Well... almost always.

I've been having {and finally attending} Hair rehearsal a lot more often, and it has really wormed its way into my heart. I feel so attached to it and so in love with the show and these people. We had cast bonding on Friday which ultimately resulted in an impromptu a cappella sing-along in our performance space (which is outside in the orchard. so cool). This show really makes me want to go back in time, just to feel and capture the energy and passion and love. The fear and the fearlessness. It's all pretty incredible.

School is still happening but I'm feeling more and more hopeless. I just feel perpetually behind because there is always something new to accomplish. I never have it all done. This week will be especially brutal with a midterm, a quiz, two acting performances and the first of two Open Houses on Tuesday for which I have to give a bunch of tours.

Oh, and it's Passover so I'm not eating bread. Vegetarian + Passover = difficult.
But if I can slather cream cheese or hummus on matzah, I think I'll survive.