Monday, June 27, 2011

As My 20th Year Approaches...

It is truly shameful that I haven't blogged in about 10 days. But I think I'd rather refrain than write something stupid... though another theory might say writing something stupid helps you get to the good stuff. But I digress: here I am again.

The day after tomorrow, I will be 19. And yes, it is my 20th year because your first year happens when you're zero. It doesn't feel like it's about to be my birthday. Maybe it's because 19 is a fairly boring year, especially when compared to 18. It is, however, my last year in the teenagedom. I just made that up. Whatever. A year from now, I will be exiting my teen years, and holy shit is that scary. I actually don't think I ever imagined that would happen. My sister told me earlier today that I had to do something 'cool' with this year.. uhh... I've got nothing. ha. Maybe I'll shoot for straight A's? One novel a week? Exercise 5 times a week? Hey, it would just be great to have all my shit together.

I kind of like to look at my birthday as another New Years: a chance to reflect and set goals... the BEST part of this? My birthday is pretty much exactly halfway through the year. So I've got that going. I'm still figuring out what I want to accomplish in this, my 20th year. But it does boil down to getting everything organized and together. To being on top of things and taking care of myself. To maturing, handling things better.

What have I done in this past year?
Well. I went to college. I got out of a couple emotional strongholds. I had a good streak of luck, aka positive energy. I got a bit closer to my dream. I got my first 2 college A's. I found a lovely, mature guy who makes me laugh and loves me a lot. I grew up a little. Learned a lot. Came out of my shell. I loved this year of my life. But I think the exciting part about 19, is that it will be even better than 18 was. I'm better. I am smarter. I make good decisions more often than I used to.

I'm really looking forward to this year.

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