Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy June!

It is officially my birthday month. Which is exciting but also kind of depressing because...really? It's been a year since I turned 18? Seems impossible. The way time has passed just generally seems unreal. Last summer was a minute ago... but also a whole person ago. How can a chunk of time simultaneously feel so long and yet so brief?

I try not to dwell on that. I'll never figure it out.

Regardless, I am beyond thrilled to spend my birthday with only the people that matter most this year, both the new and the tried-and-true. Oh, a rhyme! I always get so excited, yet still cannot come up with something to do until about a week before. I'm sure I'll keep it low-key. I just want to be surrounded by LOVE on all sides. That's all I want. So much has happened this year and I've realized that is the most important thing. Just to love and be loved and surround yourself with love.

In other love-related news, my handsome stud of a boyfriend flew into L.A. today! I tracked his flight, refreshing the page every fifteen minutes because just the idea of him being in the same time zone as me was incredibly exciting. Not even seeing him until next Wednesday, but STILL. So he's here. Happy and tired, settling into his new home. I love that boy. His voice, his face, his words. All make me more authentically happy than I've been in so long. I cannot wait to get started on our adventures this summer.

Time for BED. These constant headaches are really getting old. Body, adjust already!

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