Saturday, June 18, 2011

Random Favorites

Right now, I am loving...

Adele. There is not a bad song on her 21 album. She evokes a multitude of emotions, and is simply fantastic to fall asleep to.

Shadow of the Wind. A book about books! So wonderful.

So You Think You Can Dance. For some reason this show didn't interest me for the past 7 seasons... that was stupid. It is the one reality show that is always impressive and usually inspiring. These people are SUCH talented dancers; I envy their precision and motivation. Plus, the music is great and there is the classic WTF judge (Mary Murphy, so many problems).

Work! I love having a job. It's so fun to just talk to people and feel like I'm doing something 'important.' Also, since I work with olive oils and vinegars, part of my job is to taste all of them and find new combinations. (Jalapeno white balsamic and garlic olive oil, anyone?) I got my first paycheck today, too, which just made me so excited! I can spend that money without feeling remotely guilty about taking it from my parents (but I think I'll be saving 30% of each paycheck to have money for school. Easy, right? ....)
Bonuses: I'm learning about cooking and perfecting my gift-wrapping skills. Both of which will be useful in the future. Also, having to communicate with strangers on a weekly basis will bode well for my tour guide job next year. Shedding the awkwardness, yay!

Chopping vegetables..... this one's weird, I know. But I did it a lot today for a party my mom was having and it was strangely therapeutic and fun. I just get bothered that I'm not always cutting them the right size. Ha.

and finally, my biggest obsession as of late:
Weddings.... Sarah needs to stay in the moment, but I love weddings and finding dresses and decorations and blogs.... and now I have a Wedding folder on my desktop. Oh lord, about 5 or 7 years too early.

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