Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Boring Details

I figured I'd blog as I sit here with olive oil soaking into my scalp. It's kind of sliding onto my forehead and my entire neck/collarbone feels a little greasy, but since it's about the only thing that even remotely helps my scalp problem. Seriously, I've tried everything. Oh well. This E.V.O.O. is beneficial for both my hair and my skin I guess. 3 points for being soft, supple and shiny!

Oy. Gotta go to the derm soon.

I've been to two Padre games in the past three days, which is just fantastic. I'm also two for two... they always win when I'm in attendance. Pads' lucky charm right here! Puts me in the greatest mood, too. Nothing like some solid, quality baseball to brighten your day. Also, hot dogs with jalapenos? Deeeelicious.

That's pretty much all I did, considering I slept in until one for whatever reason. I guess since I'm used to sleeping on the couch now, I like to stay in bed for as long as possible when I get a chance. But I really dislike sleeping in so late. Such a waste of a day. Tomorrow I hope to pop up bright and early.

I feel like I shouldn't have to keep to my post every other day thing if I have absolutely NOTHING interesting to say. Oh well. Brain's not really working at the mome. What can ya do?

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