Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Healthy Horse

In college, it is incredibly easy to shrug off the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. After all, we have so many more important things to think about, right? Wrong, of course. But we don't see the immediate effects of the cheap and unhealthy 'nourishment' we put into our bodies. Whereas that paper MUST be turned in and that book MUST be read (or at least thoroughly Sparknoted...) Not to mention the fact that the food that is available to college students is already subpar. So even if you wanted to eat healthy, you really have to make an effort.

So I had found I had kind of fallen off the healthy horse in recent months.
It has been absolutely fantastic to be home and have so many healthy resources at my fingertips. It can be such a pain to watch what I eat...and completely unenjoyable at times, as well. Plus, if I'm perfectly honest, I don't see too much of an effect either way. But just having everything in front of me makes it so much easier. And I do feel a difference. If only a self-esteem boost. Today I had two salads; lunch and dinner. Completely organic, lots of bright vegetables and healthy oils.. and delicious, too! It just felt like I was doing a good thing for my body, and that was more than enough.

Though it is hard for me to pass on the classic summer and county fair treats—especially in moments of laze and intense cravings—I hope I can be a lot more conscious of what I'm putting into my body... we only have one!

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