Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Beginnings

My boyfriend is graduating college this morning. Suddenly, everything is so incredibly real. I leave for home tomorrow... he'll follow me to southern California in early June, but I know we'll never have what we have had these past two months. And if we do, it will be years down the road, assuming we stay together.

I'm readying myself for a summer of once a week/every two weeks visits, and at least one semester of no time together. That scares me, considering I haven't gone a day without seeing him for hours since March. I have no problem being alone, being with just friends... I don't need him around me to be happy. But he has become such an integral part of my life, and now that life is being flipped on its head.

Things are changing. But I think that's okay. I think it's for the best. I believe in us, and I am excited for the years to come.

Most of all, I am so wonderfully proud. I feel like I've known this incredible guy for so long... and he really is incredible. And we have changed each other—definitely for the better. For good.

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