Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer in Coronado, Day 1

Today was my first full day of official, San Diego summer.

Yesterday I traveled for 10 and a half hours. Newark to Chicago to SD. Leaving Dan was hard. We got to the airport at about noon and stood together outside security, alternately hugging and kissing and smiling and then, of course, tearing up. The way his arms feel around me is unparalleled, and no part of me wanted to walk away from that. Seeing as he'll be in L.A. in 9 days, maybe I didn't need to be emotional about it. But that was the moment in which everything changed. We're no longer the college couple that gets to spend every day together, go out to breakfast, work together in the library. We are officially 'long distance.' College intensifies everything, speeds it up. Which makes this that much more difficult. But I think I'll hold off on my laments until I go back to Vassar and we're 3,000 miles away for the next semester.

On to summer. As the third hour of The Today Show ended, I began to feel lazy and guilty for watching so much TV and not moving from the couch for longer than the 5 minutes it took to make some tea. Then I thought, screw it, it's summer after my freshman year of college. I deserve a few days of laze. Sat through a couple more hours of quality programming, and then video chatted with the man for about an hour. Which is when my headache started... and it JUST went away (12 hours later.) At 2, I walked down to Orange with my siblings. Checked in at the store in which I'll be working and then got some delicious frozen yogurt before walking home. Seriously, this lifestyle is bliss. A 180 from the Jamul house (which I try not to dwell on because it's still a little sad, despite the bliss here. But I wouldn't change a thing).
I tuned in to Oprah's second-to-last show (boy did they break out the stars for that woman), and then took a 2 hour nap. What a life. Woke up to the Padres game, which ended up disappointing but no matter, we'll get 'em next time.
For dinner I had my first burrito in months...but it kind of tasted like Taco Bell, thus ruining the whole 'authentic mexican' thing I'd been missing so much. Estrada's soon?!

Tomorrow will probably look very similar to today. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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