Sunday, May 29, 2011


I'm perfectly aware of how lame that was, but since Glee is EVERYWHERE on Twitter, Facebook and the like, I figured it was appropriate, since I am blogging about the live tour that stopped in San Diego tonight.

It was great, to put it simply. More talent and energy in one place than I've ever seen. Some songs sung live, some clearly recorded—but all fantastic. The dancing, the lights, the effects, the SEXY. The happiness that exuded from each of those lovely stars. They are living the dream, no question. I had a moment during the show in which I was sure I'd choose that life over going back to school. Upon reflection, I may have just been caught up in the moment, but there is NOTHING more fulfilling for me than performing, and if I had the opportunity, I'm pretty sure I'd jump on it. (though I might be too obsessed with Vassar....yes). But wow, someone like Chris Colfer—really, an unknown before the show—must be in blissful disbelief when he gets on that stage in front of thousands of adoring (screeching) fans. Seriously those girls are the reason I hate crowds. But tonight I guess I was one of them.

One thing. (isn't there always?) Whenever I leave a concert, I just never feel like I got the FULL experience. I feel a bit shortchanged at the end. Tonight it might have been because it was fairly short (less than an hour and a half) or because I was taking videos at times and therefore not completely immersed in/focused on the performance. But I think that's just the nature of these types of events. The expectation is so high, and it's hard to reach that bar, not to mention the fact that it's impossible to absorb every minute of every song. Whatever the case, I am glad I have those videos so that I can try to relive this glorious night.

I don't go to concerts often—I can count on one hand how many I've been to—so it was pretty amazing to just be in the physical presence of people that are on television; famous, talented and driven human beings... it really does get me going. We waited for them after the show..but alas, they were not to be seen. Still, the concert itself is like a celebrity sighting, only scheduled. Which is fine with me... for now!

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