Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paint by List

Things I did today:

-Woke up (and the crowd goes wiiiiilllddd)
-Hauled three bags of 'love' across campus for my Actor's Craft final scene
-Performed said scene
-Attended and took snarky notes during Programming Training for next year
-Ate a huge salad and made my own balsamic vinaigrette
-Called the post office to find out I need $222 for my expedited passport (OH GOOD)
-Went to a tour guide meeting; met the newbies
-Turned in some financial reimbursement forms
-Went to FWA interviews
-Ate another huge salad
-Talked to hallway dwellers
-Sat unproductively in the library for 3 hours.
-Hung out with Char, Danielle, and Antonio in Dani's room.

So clearly my productivity curves steeply downwards toward the end. But otherwise I had a ridiculously busy/clerical/productive day considering it is the first day of STUDY WEEK

(study what?)

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