Monday, May 21, 2012

Project 365

Day 125 5.4.12
Micah, an Admissions Officer, used his old cameras to do a photo shoot with me.
These old cameras hide nothing.
How grateful I am for Photoshop. But also, fuck it. This is my face.

Day 126 5.5.12
Two for this day because I can. 
Shakespeare's R&J between the CIS and Old Laundry buildings
Also, on the roof of Kenyon.

Day 127 5.6.12
ALL night in the library. But seriously. Stayed until 3am. 
With Danielle, Char (pictured) and Antonio.
Glasses are Char's.

Day 128 5.7.12
 The Phillies! (student theater awards)
With Madie up top.
Mel, Elizabeth, Julia, Molly, and Hannah below

Day 129 5.8.12
On the way to the Admissions office for a tour, eating a FREE ice cream bar.
Free ice cream and iced tea for study week? Vassar is seriously the best. 

Day 130 5.9.12
HAPPY FINALS. ha. ha. 
This was after an all-nighter. The night previous, primal scream happened.
The seniors streaked through the library. All was happy for a blissful moment.

Day 131 5.10.12
Old Hollywood party for Kelley Van Dilla's birthday.
Julia in a lovely wig on the left.

Day 132 5.11.12
A toast to the end of finals (and the end of sophomore year) with Madie.
Her dad brought the champagne.
God this was a fantastic feeling. Kinda like this:

Day 133 5.12.12
A glorious day up by the lake. 
Also the first time I had Rita's:

Day 134 5.13.12
Last day with all three of us together.
I love these girls so much. 
They will always feel like home.
(oh and this was Mother's Day! Got a good Skype in with the fam)

Day 135 5.14.12
Walking all over campus to watch DRAM102 projects. Oh, memories.
This is beauty in its truest form.

Day 136 5.15.12
Just walking. Not sure where from or to, but Vassar takes my breath away often.

Day 137 5.16.12
Walkway Over the Hudson.
My first time. Tim and Angela, what better company?
[This was also the day eightinthemorning I moved ALL my stuff into Angela's room. Around eight trips from Main to Noyes. It was utterly miserable]

Day 138 5.17.12
Reeve and I made up a scavenger hunt after spending an hour on the quad.
Later, glitter at a VSA party.

Day 139 5.18.12
A trip to the local swimming hole. 
(Everyone kept calling it a watering hole, but that is a BAR, people. Not a body of water.)
The first picture is one of my favorite instagrams yet.

Day 140 5.19.12
OK this was a great day.
FREE CHAMPAGNE in UpC + a wedding cover band. Pic#1 shows me singing 'Soul Man' to Jake. 
Thank you, OGMS Show Choir 2005.
The bottom two are from the midnight bonfire. Seniors burn things.

Day 141 5.20.12
Commencement. Good, long, emotional day.
An entire post about it coming your way soon.

Day 142 5.21.12
On the train to Dobbs Ferry.
Also sums up how I feel about leaving Vassar.

And with that, let summer begin.


  1. Very nice photos!!! :)

    Kisses from Italy