Monday, May 7, 2012

Project 365 #I'm gonna stop numbering them

Day 109. 4.18.12
My sister turns 16, the sunset is beautiful. It's fitting.

Day 110. 4.19.12
Signs for HAIR.

Day 111. 4.20.12
Walking back to campus after our first outdoor run for the show.

Day 112. 4.21.12
Protesting in the Quad
This is a still from the video from that day... but it's one of my favorite captured moments ever.

Day 113 4.22.12
Dining hall protest; more people, so fun.

Day 114. 4.23.12
Is this a new level of cheating?
Got a bit of chat time in with the best friend. She gets me and she can make me laugh foreva.

Day 115 4.24.12
Isaac gets his head shaved for the show.

Day 116. 4.25.12
Posters! Hung outside my door.

Day 117. 4.26.12
Opening night! Had to be in the Aula, but it was beautiful still.

Day 118 4.27.12
Everyone running around, trying to get warm for our FREEZING outdoor performance.
but it was so amazing.

(extra shot from cast party. I'm in love with this one)

Day 119. 4.28.12
Founder's Day! This is my favorite shot for whatever reason. It's just weird and perfect.
Founder's Day was mostly good but not as good as last year.
Also, never ride spinny rides ever again ugh

Day 120. 4.29.12
Closing performance! It was a bit warmer and just beautiful.

Day 121. 4.30.12
Last Sources class.
That frown is the fakest frown that has ever been frowned.

Day 122. 5.1.12
First night of 24/7 quiet hours.
Vassar has a Silent Rave

Day 123. 5.2.12
Last day of Actor's Craft! Pretty sad about this one, actually.

Day 124. 5.3.12
veggie sushi with the girls. yumyumyum.

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