Friday, June 22, 2012

Baked Brie Bites

I feel like we've safely determined I'm not a food blogger. My camera is not good enough and I forget to take pictures of every step. Still, I press on. 

SO, Baked Brie Bites.
I'm trying to work my way through my 'Good Eats' board on Pinterest. 
This recipe is from Joy the Baker, who I am now obsessed with (and OMG her most recent post is peach cobbler scones ineedthem).

The bites started out with fillo dough. Little rectangles of it.

I beat an egg for the eggwash...

and starting painting it onto half the fillo rectangles (the bottom half)

I used Président Brie. I believe it's my favorite.

Of course I was generous...

On top of the brie wedge, I put a dollop of raspberry preserves (my favorite).

This brand is new to me but I LOVE it.

I was generous with that, too.

Put another fillo dough rectangle on top of the jam.
Brush a little more eggwash on the top.
Stick 'em in a 375 degree oven and watch them (it takes about 5 minutes or less)

and voilĂ !

My rectangles were too small and they weren't staying together so I also tried things like this:

These ones were my favorite.

What's the verdict?
How can you really go wrong with melty brie and preserves?
You can't, but next time I'll use fewer layers of fillo, and newer fillo that hadn't had too much time to defrost (mine was a little too dry to work with).
Other than that, they were a hit!! 

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  1. W0W I am not a brie fan but my aunt loves the stuff and I'm going to have to make that for her soon.