Monday, June 11, 2012

Project 365

Behind, as always, on the 365 posts. I think I'll do them every week now so there aren't a bajillion pictures. So, since I left Vassar, here's what has gone down:

Day 144 5.22.12
I relieved my body from the week of Bacio's pizza.

Day 145 5.23.12
I spent a grand total of 12 hours either in an airport or airborne, hightailing it out of the northeast.

Day 146 5.24.12
I reunited with the cutest sibs in our hotel room in Atlanta.

Day 147 5.25.12
I went to Friday night services at The Temple with the fam and wedding party.
Two matching boys and a gorgeous girl.

Day 148 5.26.12
I danced with many a family member at the rehearsal dinner.

Day 149 5.27.12
My cousin got married and the fam and I got all dolled up for the occasion.
'Dapper' was the most oft used adjective to describe my brother.

Day 150 5.28.12
I ate up a plate of crudités after another long day of travel. 
Finally HOME.
(Happy Memorial Day!)

Day 151 5.29.12
I enjoyed afternoon coffee with my mama.

Day 152 5.30.12
I got artsy with my cat.
She is camera shy, so this was a BIG DEAL.

Day 153 5.31.12
My girls and I went to the Sugarland concert! 
I should do a full post on that. We were SOCLOSE.
And this is probably the best picture I have ever taken with my phone.

Day 154 6.1.12
I got my first Starbucks in a looong time.

Day 155 6.2.12
I threw together a snack that included watermelon, as all snacks do in the summer.

Day 156 6.3.12
My mama made some awesome french toast, before my first day back at work.

Day 157 6.4.12
My brother made some delightful chocolate chip cookies. 
I LOVE when he bakes.

Day 158 6.5.12
I made my first watermelon salad.
Seriously, watermelon in EVERYTHING.

Day 159 6.6.12
I attended my first Padre game of the season. 
Baseball season = YES.

Day 160 6.7.12
I had a late afternoon snack with Hannah, her friend Victoria, and my mom.
We went to Tartine. YUM.

Day 161 6.8.12
I went to the opening of the SD County Fair, and got some free veggie sushi.

Day 162 6.9.12
I worked my first Saturday!

Day 163 6.10.12
I dressed up (seriously) to watch the Tonys. 
It was pretty perfect.

Day 164 6.11.12
I made yet another salad.
I'm getting pretty good. 

I'm also doing fatmumslim's photo a day challenge for June. Some of the June photos are from the challenge, some are not. I may or may not put them in another post at the end of the month, but that might be a bit redundant, no?

ANYWAYS. You'll get another one of these next Monday! 

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