Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day in Pictures

We started the day pretty early, with breakfast in bed for dad and cards from all. Was too bleary eyed to even think about my camera. 
But, of course, once the food was set out, I perked up nicely. 

The grandparents came over around 11 to this beautiful spread:

Fruit salad with maple honey glaze.

Egg salad, homemade by mama.

All sorts of bagels.

Berry infused water


berry water & coffee. Two servings, please.

Granparents' dog, Rocket. He could be in the movies.

Some artsy photography.

Dad and Hannah

Me and Dad

Rocket and me

Going through pictures from 1996

Rocket wanted in on the action.

We all wore our sombreros down to the beach.

Gramps kept his on.

Hannah walked Rocket down the boardwalk.

Just beautiful.

Mom and Dad, being sweet.

We found Tyler at work! 

Family shot

Sleeping tourists

Hannah (as MirandaSings, disapproves)

Mr. Sandman (but actually, that's his name) visited the beach

Dad being silly


I love him, too!

Gorgeous day at the beach

Once back from the beach, I got hungry, so I grabbed a leftover bagel, and...

Veggie cream cheese, hummus, onions, tomato, kale, avocado.

The rest of the afternoon and evening (until midnight) was spent watching home videos.
This was the first time we had seen most of them.
My parents even confessed they had never watched the video of my birth.
We did that.
It wasn't graphic, but it was certainly up close and personal. I got really emotional, I guess just because it was such a strange sensation to see myself come into the world, to see my parents just getting to know me, when I've only experienced them knowing me so well, better than anyone else. I felt an entirely new sensation. It was amazing to watch that instant love happen, though.

Here's a screenshot from a 1996 movie. This is my brother's 6th birthday. 
I'm in the center, age 4. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day, or simply a great Sunday.
I'm very grateful today and always.

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