Sunday, June 3, 2012

summer list

It's almost midnight. I was tired at 9pm. I'm making a vow to myself not to stay up til an ungodly hour just because I can. It's never worth it in the morning. Web surfing until 4am is just. not. worth it. (A party with your favorite people in your favorite place, however, is. (I miss Vassar, can you tell?)).

Plus, I have plenty of things to do this summer, and I'm gonna need sleep for all of it. Here's an abridged list:

Learn the Russian alphabet and perhaps some basic sentences.
Learn to play basic chords on the guitar.
Read the bible and the dictionary (for knowledge and expanding my vocab)
Build my USANA business
Read at least a dozen books for pleasure
Read at least twenty plays
Take voice lessons
Make money
Create an exercise schedule and stick with it
Hang out with myself

Starting tomorrow.

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