Friday, March 9, 2012

I Found It

I'm sitting at the dining table, drinking now lukewarm coffee with almond milk and feeling that pleasant exhaustion from hours spent in the sun. This is what spring break should be.

Since Reeve has been here, I've been pretty good about giving us something to do outside the house every day. I wanted him to see as much of San Diego as possible in this short week. It has been quite enjoyable to rediscover parts of this city that many of us natives take for granted. I hadn't spent time in Seaport or Balboa for many months if not a year. But it didn't feel satisfying, didn't feel like a true 'break.' Yesterday we took a recovery day from Disneyland, and mostly lounged around watching the Game Show Network and the Food channel, until Kelly came over and we ventured out to get gelato. But that didn't feel active enough. Clearly, I do a damn good job at idealizing San Diego breaks but can't quite replicate the fantasy once I touch down on the west coast. 

BUT. Today, I think I found the balance. Relaxed productivity. Or something. Around noon today, we took my sister to lunch at La Salsa. Afterwards, we walked straight to the beach and relaxed on the sand for an hour (I would say worked on my tan but honestly? still so pale). Once the wind started blowing sand into all those unknown crevices, we walked home and decided to make lemonade! Homemade lemonade is one of my favorite things, and the fact that there is a lemon tree in our front yard is the BEST thing. We sipped on our drinks outside while eating some high-end trail mix (belgian chocolate=high-end) and then came in when the sun slipped behind the trees. 

And then I poured some coffee while Reeve went to shower. And today was the epitome of spring break for me. Fully satisfying, but the most effort I exerted was in juicing lemons. I feel so relaxed but also like I did something with my life. Maybe it was sitting outside. Because I always say I'm gonna do that and then I get tangled up in blankets with my cold feet and hot computer and it gets dark and I don't know how and I'm in weird parts of the internet and I thought I would do homework but mostly I wasted the day clicking on links. And I could have done all of this outside but I didn't because I'm lazy.

So now I will shower and chop vegetables for dinner. Megan will come over and we will drive downtown and walk around the Gaslamp and perhaps sit in a coffee shop and then I'll come home and maybe watch something on Netflix and then fall asleep happy and full. 

I want every day to be this day.

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