Friday, March 16, 2012

Taking Off. Again.

Woohoo airport blogging!

Currently sitting by my gate, waiting for boarding to start but hoping it doesn't for like 10 minutes so I can finish importing vlog footage and writing this post! Oh, the life I lead.

Every time I leave it gets more normal. Not necessarily easier, but more normal. I get over it more quickly. I'm not as much of a blubbering mess this time around, though I did shed a few tears in the car. Which I think is really just a knee-jerk reaction for me. I'm not scared, I'm not upset about going back to Vassar. And of course, I'll miss my family as always but I'm not worried about being homesick. No, crying is just my thing. I tell my parents to ignore it most of the time. Water just comes out of my eyes involuntarily. All the damn time. Sometimes at extraordinarily inappropriate times.

 But anyways.

Here I am, ready to take another redeye to my preferred coast (is that true? I'm not sure but I think so). It's just so routine now. Which is interesting. I'm really racking up my frequent flier miles. Kind of. Except it takes like 40,000 to get a free flight and that's just ridiculous.

I think I should sign off right about now, but a reminder to myself about things I need to blog about this weekend:

-My visit with my bro
-Spring Break fashion haul
-My first ConsciousBox review
-among others.

I have quite a few days to catch up on!

See you on the other coast.

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