Friday, March 16, 2012

You're Right, I AM Choosing To Be Completely Ignorant of All My Homework.

This massage chair is seriously saving my life.

One day, when I'm fairly affluent and have had enough trials (and kids) to have a real excuse to "treat" myself, I will be getting massages all. the damn. time. That will be my thing. Just like my mom.

Kinda hard to type when the "percussion" feature is happening.

Ahhhhh knots, knots, GTFO.

I'm sure this is totally false, but I feel like I get tense a lot easier than some people. Do I just carry a shit ton of stress in my shoulders? I mean, I try to think of myself as a positive, low-stress kind of gal, but I will admit to many late nights hunched over the computer, finishing a paper or a reading or post. Ya know. Like you do.

Wait my massage is over. That was 15 minutes? Aaaaaaand repeat. Good. I could do this all night.

A further testament to my desire to be spoiled: I have been hungry for a good hour but have not gotten off my ass to walk the fifteen paces to the kitchen.

Like you do.

I love me some Vassar but damn, this spring break stuff is the good stuff. Summer in 7 weeks*? Cool? Cool.

*edited to add: yep, just realized that I said this in my last post. it's that important, y'all. but i love school. but i love summer. (feelings)

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