Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project 365 #7

Day 61. 3.1.12
Happy March! Snow leftovers. Sleety rain. Occupy Education happened this day: students didn't attend class and instead did a march in protest of tuition hikes, etc. around Poughkeepsie. I skipped class, too, but that was to go to lunch with Reeve's parents. 

Day 62. 3.2.12
After midnight on Thursday eve. Walking home from the Acrop, I grabbed a ball of snow and chucked it at the door. For fun, I guess.

Day 63. 3.3.12
One year with this handsome man. And no, that isn't my whole breakfast but YES, that is freshly squeezed orange juice and my, was it delightful.

Day 64. 3.4.12
First day in San Diego with Reeve. Of course it had to be a beach day. After this we went to Point Loma and had gourmet sandwiches and chocolate. Then I got fish food for Hannah's new goldfish. They promptly died three hours later.

Day 65. 3.5.12
A day spent in Seaport Village. We took the Ferry there and back.

Day 66. 3.6.12
Balboa Park. Botanical Garden, Museum of Art and the Tea Pavilion. Among others.

Day 67. 3.7.12
Disneyland morning until night, with a lovely homemade dinner at Lexi's house in Santa Monica.

Day 68. 3.8.12
Kind of cheating again. This was on the ride home from Lexi's, but definitely after midnight. Listened to many musical soundtracks. Mainly Spring Awakening and American Idiot. The rest of this day we mostly lounged around watching GSN and Food Network.

Day 69. 3.9.12
Another beach day. Gorgeous, gorgeous weather.
This was my favorite day, I think. The one I wrote a post on previously.

Day 70. 3.10.12
Shopping! That man in the black hat in the background is actually Steve Madden. He made an appearance at the store for a couple of hours. I think this picture is extraordinarily cute.