Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project 365 #6

So I'm behind on posting pictures and I didn't blog yesterday because I was with my lovely boyfriend for our one year anniversary. A post on that later today, but to make up for yesterday, here are the final pictures of February:

Day 51  2.20.12
Walking with Reeve. Beautiful colors at twilight.

Day 52 2.21.12
A place I often want to be but can't because of all the things I have to do at my desk.

Day 53 2.22.12
In the dressing room for tech. Like my glasses?

Day 54 2.23.12
SHOES. At tech again.

Day 55 2.24.12
I think I liked my hair. This is the only picture from this day.

Day 56 2.25.12
At the Bardavon to see VRDT

Day 57 2.26.12
A rare delicious lunch at the DC with the boyfriend.

Day 58 2.27.12
My schedule. Doesn't look as full as it actually was.

Day 59 2.28.12
Opening night of Measure for Measure! 

Day 60 2.29.12
Snow on leap day. One of my favorite Vassar views

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