Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project 365 #8

Day 71. 3.11.12
Reeve's last day. Stop in Starbucks. That is peach green tea. I'll stick with regular.

Day 72. 3.12.12
My grandma's old skirt revamped into a dress. Belt came with a F21 skirt I just bought.

Day 73. 3.13.12
Tender Greens in Liberty Station with the pops. 
I'm on the hunt for the best veggie sandwich around.

Day 74. 3.14.12
Gold Retreat luncheon with Mom at the Grand Del Mar. 
Aka my wedding venue (though that's not what the psychic said)

Day 75. 3.15.12
Best. brother. visit. ever.
I still have to post on that!

Day 76. 3.16.12
The day I left. I like this shot of my new dress a lot.

Day 77. 3.17.12
Finally with the boyfriend again.
We made dinner and ate it not in front of the TV and it was wonderful.

Day 78. 3.18.12
Yes, we are at the same restaurant as the beginning of spring break.
I also find Dan's face strangely cute here.

Day 79. 3.19.12
Not a great picture quality or content wise but lovely memory.
 UpC with my girls and I feel at home.
(Danielle I only cut you out because the blur was weird)

Day 80. 3.20.12
The sky was SO BLUE this day. I've been loving the sun.

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