Thursday, March 1, 2012


Whenever my sister is tagged in new pictures on Facebook, I am so excited.

I really do hate being away from her. I feel like I'm missing her really blossom. Every time I come back, I have to get to know her newer, more mature self. She is ever evolving; it makes me so happy but I wish more than anything that I could be right there watching and helping, performing my true big sister duties.

My sister and I are close, but sometimes I'm afraid of distance growing between us because I'm away so often. When I see her face and know her adventures, I feel almost like I was there. I go through them multiple times and maybe I'm being a little nostalgic for high school but mostly I want to know how she's spending her time and who her friends are and if she is happy. I worry sometimes that she doesn't have someone to spill her guts to.

I just love that girl and she's getting so old so quickly. Sometimes I get flashbacks to fifth or sixth grade and I automatically think "Like where Hannah is now" until I realize a split-second later that she is almost halfway through HIGH SCHOOL. I'm getting a taste of how a parent feels and I'm not a fan.

Time, please slow down. Or at least slow down until I get home so my baby sister isn't a whole new person each time I see her.

....which is now in 2 days. So excited!

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